How Much Does Youtube Pay for views from UK?

Youtube is used as a money making machine by a lot of people. As new people joining Youtube don’t know how much does youtube pay for views from UK , below are the given details about the Youtube’s revenue paying program. Youtube pays 55% of the revenue that advertiser pays to the channel and remaining 45% Youtube charges.

How Much Does Youtube Pay UK

Youtube is the creator platform where you can upload videos and earn money when people watch your videos. The strategy of youtube is very simple that people watch your videos and you will get money out of it. But there are some things that needs to be known for earning money in real life.

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The main thing that one needs to know is youtube doesn’t pay money for the views. If your channel isn’t monetized and you are getting billion views, it doesn’t make any sense as it will not make you any money.

Youtube make money when you monetize your channel and get it verified. The monetization means enabling the money making feature on your youtube channel. After which you can see your earnings from youtube.

Things to know about youtube channel?

To monetize your channel , there must be at least 1000 subscribers on your channel and 4000 watch hours from your youtube videos. Youtube channel is nothing but your account from where you upload the videos. There is no charge for creating a youtube channel.

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You can use your google account to create a youtube account free of cost. After you are done creating the youtube account, you can create your youtube channel.

Youtube is the most advanced idea where you can earn money by posting your own content free of cost. There is no minimum investment of money to earn from youtube but the investment of time is needed.

As uploading of videos on youtube needs recording and editing, which takes time to do. When you start uploading videos on youtube, people can watch your videos and you can get money for the invested time.

How Much Does Youtube Pay for views from UK?

You must have heard about individual people like Logan Paul and Pewdipie that make hundreds of thousands of dollars from youtube by uploading videos on their channel. As we can see on youtube , Pewdiepie has more than 100 million subscribers on youtube and Logan Paul has more than 23 million youtube subscribers , that is the reason they get more views on the videos and therefore more money they make.

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Most of the people earn much money that is sufficient to make a great living. Not all of the people make money in thousands of dollars but we can consider the amount as a very good money and it keeps on increasing if creator is posting the videos regularly.

On an average , youtube pays £1.15 per 1000 views on the video. As the revenue is paid in dollars, it can be around $1.5 per 1000 views. The revenue can vary according to the types of ads that your video shows to the viewers.

The revenue from the videos vary country to country as the rates of payout are different for every country. The highest paying revenue countries are UK , USA , Colombia etc and the lowest paying includes India , Pakistan etc.

How youtube pays the money?

Youtube pays the money to the creators using Google Adsense. One should have the adsense account in order to earn money from youtube. You need to link your adsense account with your channel to monetize.

The most important thing that one needs to know is Youtube doesn’t pay money for the views on videos , instead it pays for the views and clicks on the ads that youtube shows while playing videos.

You can select the type of ads that you want to show on your videos. You can select relevant ads to show on your videos as relevant ads can get more clicks. More clicks can earn you more money.

The videos that you post must not include any copyrighted content or copied content. Youtube doesn’t allow videos to generate revenue which contains copyrighted content.

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