How do Youtubers Make Money? Things to know

Most of the people today want to know how do youtubers make money and how much money can you make on youtube. So youtube pays money to youtubers for people watching videos from the channel. Videos can be of any category i.e vlog, cooking, singing , dancing etc. Read the article to know how much does youtube pay and how to make money on youtube.

how do youtubers make money

Youtube is a money making platform where you can upload your videos and can earn money when people watch your videos. It is the income source of lakhs of people and in lakhs for people that means lakhs of people are earning from youtube and most of the people are earning in lakhs.

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Youtube is the most used platform on the internet after google. The traffic rank for youtube is #2 following google at #1. Youtube is available in most of the countries and in most of the regional languages. People has started considering youtube as a full time work and primary source of income.

People are now making the most use of Internet for earning money where youtube is the best example. The best thing is you can upload the videos on any topic you want and get people watch the videos and start earning money. The interesting fact is youtube does not pay any money for the views that you get on the videos.

Categories of Uploading Videos:-

There are many youtubers that are earning a very good amount of money by uploading videos. The best thing about youtube is you can upload video on any category. You can earn money if people are watching your videos. The categories of videos can be anything like:-

  1. Inspirational
  2. Comedy
  3. Review
  4. Songs
  5. Educational
  6. VLogs

The categories can be more and there is no limit on the categories but one needs to upload original content to qualify for youtube earning program.

How do youtubers make money?

Youtubers can make money by below given ways from Youtube:-

  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Advertisement
  4. Referrals
  5. Sponsored Videos

1. Adsense:-

Adsense is the primary source of income for Youtubers as youtube plays advertisements before and after playing of the video. Then the revenue is paid to the channel user by the number of views on the ads and the actions such as clicks on the ads. The revenue from ads differ country to country as the videos can generate more revenue when users from United States or UK than from India or Bangladesh.

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Adsense is Google’s program for the businesses to grow their reach and the revenue that youtube gets from the ads is partially paid to the user and youtube itself. On an average , youtube pays $1.50 per thousand views on the video. The payout is very less for a channel that has less views on videos but once you start getting views on videos , the revenue can increase infinitely.

To earn money from adsense , youtuber need to monetize the channel and then the videos will start showing ads and one can start earning money from the videos.

2. Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way of earning money from youtube as you need to sell products and you can earn commission for every sale that you make. There are many youtubers that tell the viewers about the product in the video and tell them to buy the product from their link.

In Affiliate program , every member gets a unique link which others can use to buy the product. And member can get commission on every sale. There are many products which have a very good commission to offer. Affiliate marketing can be a very good secondary source of income.

Adsense is the primary source for most of the youtubers. If a youtuber has enough followers , he can earn a lot of money from the views only. For the affiliate commission, there are some affiliates like Bluehost which offers $65 per sale. Some affiliates offer a very good commission but are less likely to get a sale.

3. Advertisements:-

There are many companies that pay youtubers for the advertisement in their videos. The youtubers that have more channel subscribers are more likely to get offers from the companies. The amount that companies pay is a very good amount for the work that one needs to do. There are some small channels also that approach youtubers with more subscribers for the advertisement.

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The purpose of the advertisement is to grow the audience for a particular company or a channel. Youtuber just upload the video with the advertisement and then people can watch that in video. Some of the companies pay according to the reach as if the ad reaches to more people, the paid money is more.

4. Referrals:-

Youtubers earn a very good amount of money for the referrals also. There are many apps that pay per referral for the installation. Youtubers tell the viewers about the application uses, benefits etc and then post the referral link in the description. They tell people to download the app from the link given in the description.

The user gets reward when anyone download the app from the referral link. That amount then can be transferred into bank or redeemed for different uses. The referrals is a very good way of earning as the viewers don’t need to pay the money for installing apps in most of the cases.

In most of the cases , both youtuber and the viewer gets the rewards on the download of applications. That’s why there are high chances of viewers to download the app from the link.

5. Sponsored Videos:-

In some cases , brands sponsor the videos of the youtuber. Sponsoring means brands pay for all the expenses for the video and pays youtube also for mentioning the brand name in the video. In sponsored videos, youtuber needs to use the brand’s products and tell people about the good things about the product.

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The purpose behind the sponsored videos is to make the brand famous and to get sales on the product. The people watching the video are very likely to buy the product that youtuber uses in the video . Therefore it is an effective way for promoting brands and earn money from the promotions.

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