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Wipro extended Work From Home Till December 2021? No plans to get back yet?

Everyone working in Wipro is curious to know whether the work from home will be extended or April is the dead end for WFH. As of now , there is no official mail from Wipro for the extension of Work from Home or regarding WFH. But there is an official mail for the employees which are currently reporting to Office.

Latest News:- Wipro Work from Office to Resume by September 2021

As in that mail, they have mentioned regarding the precautions that need to be followed for the safety of themselves. In that mail, they’ve also mentioned regarding the heavy fines which will be imposed on the employees which will not take the necessary precautions for the safety of themselves and the other people.

As of now, around 20% of the workforce is working from office, where as the remaining 80% are working from home. For the employees working in the office, there are daily screening sessions and monitoring present on the entry gates itself, So that a safer work environment can be provided to the employees.

Chances of extension of the WFH?

As the rapidly increasing cases of the COVID, night lockdown has been imposed in many areas of the states including Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab. The COVID cases can be seen rising to around 35000 cases per day in India. Looking on the figures of the cases getting identified per day is an indication to the extension of the WFH for some more time.

For the safety of the employees, the Work from home should be extended as if the workforce is called to the office in this condition , the condition may get worse and the safety will be impacted.

For the more clarification on the situation, the Official mail from Wipro should come before the end of the March.

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Comment below on your suggestion that Wipro should extend the WFH or should call to Office in April?

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