Wipro Work from Office to Resume by September 2021

As Wipro notified its employees regarding Wipro Work from Office to Resume by September 2021. Wipro Work from office Latest news is out now as Employees need to get back to offices by 13 September. The company has officially announced the news of getting back to offices and notified employees via email communication.

Wipro work from office

Wipro employees being working from March 2020 are now told to get back to Offices soon. Wipro has sent an official notification to its employees with all the details regarding Work from office. It has provided all the details regarding work from office plan.

‘As decline in the number of COVID cases and increase in the vaccination numbers, we plan to have more employees work from our offices in the country ‘ , the mail said. So noticing the COVID cases and the vaccination report of all the employees , it has decided to get the employees back to Office.

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Wipro has introduced a new approach for work from office, that it says a Hybrid model of working. In which all the employees will not get back to the offices. Wipro will call out the selected band of employees back to office for now and will plan to get other employees back to office.

What is new Hybrid model introduced?

Wipro has introduced a new Hybrid model under that it will call selected bands of employees to office. The employees will be working from office two days a week i.e Monday and Thursday. The selected towers and locations will be available for working. Not every tower will be available to sit and work.

The company said it will take care of all the precautions to follow COVID precautions for the safety of the employees coming to the office. For now , there are very less number of employees that are back to the offices. The company will start calling other employees also to the offices very soon.

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The employees which are from the selected bands and are fully vaccinated according to the vaccination data collected by Wipro are called back to offices. Wipro had asked the employees to upload the vaccination details into the portal for analyzing how much workforce has been vaccinated.

What is the date for getting back to Offices?

Wipro has told the employees from the selected bands to get back to offices by 13 September 2021. The company has said that for the remaining employees the Work from home has been extended to 31 October 2021. Wipro will start calling other employees to office once the company is done setting up the work environment for the large number of employees.

Wipro has also told of organizing vaccination camps at the campuses and the partner hospitals in the city. The plan is to fully vaccinate all the employees at the earliest so that the employees can get back to the offices. The company said that Vaccination is the only long-term solution to control the pandemic.

So , all employees needs to update the vaccination details in the portal if not done. The vaccination details will be the key criteria on which the employees will be decided to get back to the offices. Vaccination certificate along with the details such as date , no. of vaccinations needs to be updated in the portal.

Work from office for all the employees?

The Work from office in Wipro is not resumed for all the employees. The employees which are fully vaccinated and are from the selected higher bands needs to get back to office effective 13 September 2021. For all the remaining employees, the work from home has been extended till 31 October 2021. The next action will be decided on the basis of the vaccination details from the remaining employees.

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Also employees will be working 2 days a week i.e on Mondays and Thursdays only. There is no full time working plan from Wipro side for now. The company is planning to get all the workforce back to the office once the majority of the employees are fully vaccinated.

Job Opportunities in Wipro

As almost all the people from the jobs are working from home and a working environment is created from home by the employees, the employees are now able to work efficiently from home as from the last year when the lockdown was announced. The business is also now getting improved in Wipro as compared from the last year. Therefore, the new project opportunities are coming to Wipro and it is hiring more employees for work.

Apart from its more than 1.9 Lakh employees , more and more people are getting hired as there is no work setup restrictions , everyone is working from home. About the hiring process, people are getting hired by having the online interviews and tests.

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Experienced employees and freshers are getting job opportunities as there is need of workforce for the new business opportunities. The good news is that Freshers passed in the last 2-3 years are also getting the job opportunities which was not the case if we look at the previous years.

For seeking of job opportunities , you can directly visit the Careers Portal of Wipro. There you can get all the Job profiles that are open now. You can then create an account on the portal and apply for the Job opportunity.

Wipro online portal

Wipro has made the Careers portal solely for the people seeking for the job opportunities , through this portal you can check out all the jobs out there and apply for the job that suits you and your profile.

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