Wipro offices to reopen by September 2021 | Facts to Know

The latest news is out by Wipro regarding work from home. The news is for wipro offices to reopen by September. The mail for wipro offices to reopen has been received by the employees. So there are high chances of wipro offices to reopen if the covid numbers doesn’t start to increase again.

wipro offices to reopen

As per the latest news , Wipro had sent an official notification to the users regarding the work from home notice , in which they clearly mentioned their plans of getting the wipro offices to reopen by 1’st September. They have written that the work from home has been extended till 31 August and most probably the offices will reopen by September.

In the mail , the particular statement is disclosed that “We will adopt a flexible , hybrid approach in our return to office policy, the details of which will be shared closer to date” , as mentioned in the mail. It clearly says that Wipro has planned everything for getting the employees back to the office.

Check this link for information provided in the mailWipro extends Work From Home till September 2021| Official News

The notice provided by Wipro is for India only as they have clearly said that for other countries , this notice is not valid and the decision for other countries will be made later and notice will be provided as anything gets decided for that.

About Vaccination Details:-

Wipro has intimated all the employees to enter the vaccination details into the portal as they are planning to get the employees back to office. There is a strict notice for providing vaccination details as the time frame of two weeks is getting provided to the employee and if anyone is not filling the details in the portal , that employee is not able to login to the portal until he / she provides the vaccination details.

This strictness clearly tells wipro’s plans for getting the employees back as soon as possible. The employees are getting asked for the details like they are done with vaccination and how much doses are done. Employees which are done with both the doses may be called out first and then all other employees may be in the queue.

As TCS has announced for the ‘ Target to get 25% employees back to the office by September ‘ , all other MNC’s are likely to go with the same strategy to get back to office. In the TCS notice, they have clearly mentioned that even the first dose is enough to fight against the virus and it will be enough to get back to office soon. Also they have said that they will be getting 25% employees for the 25% time in the office. So , it is clear that all the employees will not be called out at once to the offices.

TCS has also mentioned about the chances of Third wave , so they are trying to prepare the plans according to the things and by following all the covid norms and regulations.

WFH for all employees till 31 August?

There are some conditions for the employees also for the work from home extension, the employees which are not complying these conditions will need to report immediately as suggested by the project managers. Some of the conditions include:-

  • Employees who are engaged in projects and where there are approvals from customers to work from home , should continue to work from home . Majority of the accounts have this permission. Employees who are not able to operate at the required level of effectiveness due to any type of dependability like connectivity issues , hardware dependablities etc needs to do Work from Office after discussing with their managers.
  • All support and non billable employees or the employees which are not engaged in any projects (freepool) are said to work from home after discussing with their respective managers.

Wipro has ensured that for the people who are currently working in the offices , they have planned everything according to the Covid norms and they are taking all the precautions to provide a safer environment to the employees working.

How much employees to get back to office?

As wipro has mentioned in the mail that they will be providing this information to everyone when the date is closer to 01 September , so there is as such no official confirmation regarding this but as we can see TCS official announcement , they have announced the work from office for 25% employees. So there are chances that Wipro may also do the announcement to get 20-25% workforce back to offices by September.

As there are thousands of employees working in each office, so the target to get all the employees back to office in one shot is not possible. So, there should be some criteria to get the things back to track else the things will get out of control.

The IT minister also has said that the Work from Office plans will be in execution noticing the current situation at that time . It there would be the chances for the third wave, the plans might not be executed as these are getting planned by the IT organizations.

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