TCS to hire 40,000 more employees in FY 2021-22

As of now TCS has announced a notice for hiring of around 40,000 more employees for the year 2021-22. For the full information about the TCS jobs notice, you can go through the full article:-

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services being the global IT leader is having more than 5 Lakh employees and annual revenue of more than 42 Thousand Crores INR is the most valued IT industry in India and in the top lists of the Globe. Working in TCS is the dream of almost every IT professional and a fresher which just got out of the college.

During the lockdown times when people were getting fired from the jobs , TCS was able to hire more and more people either those were freshers or the experienced ones. That’s why the employee’s trust in TCS is unbreakable and it is lot more than just money thing, employees are giving their best to the company , that’s why the growth of the company is very solid.

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The organization’s growth solely depends on the employees. If the employees are giving their best to the organization, then the organization will grow definitely. The growth can take some time but it is sure that the organization will grow sooner or later.

TCS also supports the employees by hiking the salaries and providing the bonuses on the good work. Therefore the employees provide the best to the organization. Now during the pandemic times, the work from home is going on and almost 95% workforce is working from home. Even in these times , TCS has provided the salary hike to the employees for two times in the last six months.

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What is the latest job notification?

As of the latest news, TCS has announced the hiring of around 40,000 employees from the campus even after having almost 5 Lakhs employees currently working around the globe. In these hard times , when other organization are thinking of firing the employees, TCS is hiring more and more employees and providing the job opportunities to the freshers as well as Experienced professionals.

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Hiring process will be done online i.e the interviews and the tests for freshers will be held online. For now the work from home will be enabled for the new joinees. The joining location will be mentioned on the offer letter and the employees have to continue the work from that location only after work from office is enabled.

As the second wave of CoviD is in control now and people are in fear with the damage that it has provided to the businesses and human lives , there is very less chances of work from office at least in the next 3-4 months. Till then employees can continue work from home and stay at their home location only.

How to apply for the job?

To apply for job in TCS , one can go to TCS careers portal and sign up for an account . After the successful sign in , you can search or navigate through the jobs on the portal and apply for the available jobs. The hiring process of TCS is very simple, for freshers they have to pass the online mock test and after that the Technical Interview and HR interview will be conducted.

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If a person is able to crack these 3 , that will be onboarded if the required documents are provided for the joining. That candidate will then be sent an official call letter for the onboarding and that needs to be signed and needs to be uploaded into the portal.

TCS has made the Careers portal solely for the people seeking for the job opportunities , through this portal you can check out all the jobs out there and apply for the job that suits you and your profile.

TCS June Quarter Results:-

It has been reported that in the last quarter ending with June, there is a dip of around 14% i.e approx 350 Crores INR. They said that the issues faced in this quarter are same as the issues faced while the lockdown in the last year.

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Gopinathan said Indians should not be too harsh on themselves with the slow pace of the vaccination, pointing out that the volumes are still high. He, however, added that this does not mean they can be complacent on the programme, and added that there is a need to up the pace.

The employee count in TCS surpassed the 5 Lakhs mark. As the employees working for TCS counted at 5.09 Lakhs approx. In the last quarter almost 20,000 of new Joinees has been added and the count is the highest ever addition in the quarter till now.

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