TCS targets to get employees back to office by September ; Work from home News

TCS work from home news is out recently in a conference meeting. The company said it will be implementing 25 X 25 vision where 25% of the employees will be working 25% of the time from the office.

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO , TCS

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services targets to get over 5 Lakh Employees vaccinated by September as a Part of TCS work from home news and get them back to office on a regular basis, said TCS CEO , Rajesh Gopinathan.

After announcing the quarter results of the company , Gopinathan said in a meeting that “We are all hoping to get our folks vaccinated with a second shot by September. Once people get the second shot, we will be getting back to the office on a more regular basis.”

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TCS will be implementing 25 X 25 vision where 25% of the employees will be working 25% of the time from the office. TCS is absolutely the first one to implement this approach for work from office enablement.

“For our longer-term vision, while we laid out the vision 25×25, it needs to be done in a very deliberate way. We can’t directly go to 25×25. So the path to that will be first to get back to the regular operating model and then systematically roll out,” Gopinathan said.

There were few queries regarding the people who fears to come to office or if the employees are happy to work from home and don’t want to take risk coming to office. There is a balance of both i.e the people willing to come to office and the people having fear as the vaccination is getting done to everyone out. “There was a significant surge in the number of people wanting to come back and the second wave was a big dampener. People got really scared about what unfolded,” he said.

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After the TCS work from home news was out ,there were questions from people for the fear of the third wave also that it can adversely affect the chances of third wave into the vision. The third wave can be very dangerous to the workforce if it comes in action. They justified that even the first dose of vaccination can reduce the chances of severe infections.

“The biggest problem in every wave was a sense of helplessness.  If you can ensure that the intensity of it is managed and it can be taken care of at home that would be a big part of the war that is won. Even in the third wave if we can reduce the intensity I think as a country we will be able to go through it later,” Gopinathan added.

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Important Things to get done

TCS urges to get the second dose of vaccination to be given to all the employees so that the chances of the infection can be reduced to the maximum extent and the work can be resumed from the office. The thing is the employee needs to upload the vaccination certificate as a proof into the TCS portal as it can be tracked that how many employees has been vaccinated.

This will help TCS to get the vaccinated employees get back to office first as it cannot get all the employees back to office at a time. The vaccination certificate is the only proof that one can provide to ensure that he has undergone through both doses of the vaccination.

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The vaccination certificate can be downloaded from the central government website by entering your registered mobile number. Previously it was under the center government but now after the June 20 , the vaccination doses has been provided by the central government and all the details are available on the Central government website.

What if second dose is pending

If second dose is pending for you and you have got the first shot of vaccination only, then you need to update the details of the first dose i.e when it has been taken and the certificate for the first dose of the vaccination.

The both of the doses are mandatory but even the first dose is effective against the severe infections from the coronavirus. Therefore one needs to report to the office if that person has gone through the shot of first dose.

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