TCS Salary Hike announced for the Second Time

TCS work from home extension

TCS , the top MNC of India , in the ongoing pandemic period is thinking well for its employees and announced the second hike in the salary in the last Six months. Where other companies kicking out the employees from the company , here is the TCS which is thinking for the employees and benefits for them as they are working in the pandemic for them.

The business for TCS has been impacted in the positive manner and the revenue has been increased since the pandemic has started . That’s why it is having the share divided into the people that are helping it to get the greatest profits.

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Moreover , TCS has become the first IT services company to announce the salary hikes for the year 2021. This completely reflects the care for the employees.

By When the Salary Hike Started?

TCS has started hiking salary for its employees effective 1 April 2021. Some of the employee band’s salary has been hiked and the remaining Band’s salary is being hiked and at max by the starting of next month i.e July , the eligible employees will get the salary incremented.

As per the news , 4.7 Lakh employees are going to get the benefit of the increment of the salary and the percentage of around 12 – 14% will be hiked in the salary of the employees over the time of six months.

In the quarter ended 31’st March , TCS has announced 7% increase in the overall profit even in the pandemic times. That has been possible because of the employees that are working almost 24 X 7 for supporting the organization as it is allowing them to work from home in these hard times. Employees are giving the best at these times where organization is doing its half by providing the entire salary even after they are working from home

What are TCS’s future plans?

Recently TCS has released the notice where it has said that the 25% of the total workforce will be working from office by September. The announcement has been made by TCS CEO – Rajesh Gopinathan . “For our longer-term vision, while we laid out the vision 25×25, it needs to be done in a very deliberate way. We can’t directly go to 25×25. So the path to that will be first to get back to the regular operating model and then systematically roll out,” Gopinathan said.

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO(TCS)

Gopinathan made the announcement that the company aims to get its 25% workforce to office by September. There were few queries regarding the people who fears to come to office or if the employees are happy to work from home and don’t want to take risk coming to office. There is a balance of both i.e the people willing to come to office and the people having fear as the vaccination is getting done to everyone out. “There was a significant surge in the number of people wanting to come back and the second wave was a big dampener. People got really scared about what unfolded,” he said.

The plans of TCS are looking very straight forward as they are planning to get the employees back to offices by September. But there are some rumors that the third wave can hit India by August. If that is the case , then it will be very difficult to go with plan like this.

Job Opportunities in TCS

In a recent notification , TCS has announced that it will be hiring 40,000 in the FY 2021-22 from the campuses. This will be a very good opportunity for the freshers that just got out of the colleges with the degree in their hands. To apply for the job in TCS , you can go to TCS Careers Portal and check for the notification. You can sign up for the portal and can apply for the drive.

What are the Work From Home notices?

Almost Every IT professional in India is working from home as long as the working is not dependable on the office. Almost 90% employees can continue working from home without facing any major challenge except the 10% of people that covers IMG department people which are having the operations dependability from office or the employees having hardware dependabilty in the project. That’s why they need to work from office.

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