Infosys Work From Home guidelines – Extended till December 2021?

Infosys Work From Home

As people are very keen to know about the news from Infosys. The news that we have for Infosys Employees is given below:-

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As Infosys is one of the most valued MNC in India, it is thinking for its employee’s safety and allowing them to work from home from the last year since this pandemic started. Like other MNC’s like TCS, Wipro , it has allowed its employees to work remotely from any location and stay safe at their respective locations but till when it has planned to let the employees work from their locations?

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Unlike Wipro, which has announced the extension of the Work From Home till June 2021, Infosys hasn’t announced any date till when the Work from home is extended or valid. The work from home by Infosys has been extended till December? There is no clue regarding this question as we are seeing the spike in the rising infections of the COVID-19 , it is confirmed that it is not going to call its employees back to the office anytime soon but there is no official mail from Infosys for the same.

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Infosys stopped calling its employees back to office?

Recently the employees working at the client location were being called to the location by the client but seeing the current situation, Infosys has cancelled all the plans of calling them back to the client office as it directly puts them into the risk of getting infected to the virus and may affect the employee’s health.

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Infosys’s CEO also revealed in the conference that “Infosys will be continuing Work From Home until the situation gets back to normal”. Therefore Infosys people need not to worry regarding the Work from office issue as it is not going to resume Work from office anytime soon.

Job Opportunities in Infosys

As almost all the people from the jobs are working from home and a working environment is created from home by the employees, the employees are now able to work efficiently from home as from the last year when the lockdown was announced. The business is also now getting improved in Infosys as compared from the last year. Therefore, the new project opportunities are coming to Infosys and it is hiring more employees for work.

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Apart from its more than 2.5 Lakh employees , more and more people are getting hired as there is no work setup restrictions , everyone is working from home. About the hiring process, people are getting hired by having the online interviews and tests.

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Experienced employees and freshers are getting job opportunities as there is need of workforce for the new business opportunities. The good news is that Freshers passed in the last 2-3 years are also getting the job opportunities which was not the case if we look at the previous years.

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For seeking of job opportunities , you can directly visit the Careers Portal of Infosys. There you can get all the Job profiles that are open now. You can then create an account on the portal and apply for the Job opportunity.

Infosys has made the Careers portal solely for the people seeking for the job opportunities , through this portal you can check out all the jobs out there and apply for the job that suits you and your profile.

For the new joinees, currently the criteria is to currently work from home and later the notice will be sent if they need to report to the office. Every joinee will be notified with the location where he/she has to work after ending of work from home while the joining and they need to report to office once there is any notification regarding the reporting.

What is the latest notice for Work from home?

As currently , work from home is in action, everyone is working from home and there is a notice for Permanent Work From Home from Infosys , there is as such no plans of Infosys for Work from office. This step has been taken noticing the damage that CoviD second wave has done and the efficiency that employees are able to provide working from home.

As we have the rumors for the Third Wave of CoviD also, there are very less chances of the other IT industries calling its employees back to office. As it is now very risky to get everyone back in the office from the different locations of the nation . Therefore, some more time is needed to get back to the tracks again.

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