Employees to Quit Jobs if Work from Office is Enabled

In a survey , it has been disclosed that employees are in favour of leaving the jobs if work from office gets enabled and they are forced to get back to offices full time. The employees are not at all in state of getting back to the offices full time soon. There are some companies that have plans to end work from home probably by September.

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The survey has been conducted on the work from office plans and employees are asked if they are happy to work from office if the organizations are getting back to the full time working patterns. Around 25-30% employees were confident to get back to the office and start work from office just like the before pandemic times. There were other employees also which had the different opinions in the survey.

Around 30% employees were in the favour of quitting the job if the work from office is getting enabled full time. Employees were not at all confident to get back to the offices full time very soon. ‘ The companies need to introduce the new work from office plans’ , the employees said.

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The employees after working from home for more than a year are now not at all ready to get back to the offices as the notices has sent by top MNC IT companies such as Wipro , Infosys and TCS. All of the three companies are planning to get the employees back to office by September. The plans of the companies will be according to the current situation at that time.

How the employees will be called out?

The companies have asked all the employees to update the vaccination details into the portal that is mandatory for all. The employees need to fill the survey in which they need to update that the vaccination is done or not . If yes , then how many doses are done and if not , then the reason needs to be updated . On the basis of the vaccination status of the employees , the companies will decide how much workforce needs to be called out to the offices.

If the vaccination for an employee is done, whether one dose or two doses , one needs to update the vaccination certificate into the portal. The vaccination certificate should be valid certificate i.e it should be from the central government , state government or either the certificate from a private hospital and is valid across the India.

Along with the vaccination certificate , the date of vaccination also needs to be entered into the portal. All this data will be analyzed by the companies and then the date of the opening of offices will be decided. Most of the companies have given the statements that one dose is enough.

Some companies that have announced the work from office are planning to get the employees vaccinated by the second dose in the office. The companies are waiting for the vaccination with first dose of all the employees then the further decisions will be made in action.

Announcement by TCS regarding work from office:-

TCS has announced the work from office for its employees last week in a conference where TCS CEO , Mr. Gopalan made an announcement that ‘ TCS is planning to get its 25% employees working for 25% from office by September’ which clearly indicates that TCS is about to start calling its employees back to office in September.

With the announcement made by the CEO , it is clear that the company will be introducing new guidelines for employees working from office. Either it can be the total number of days that employees are working from office or the number of hours they are working in a day.

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Announcement made by Wipro:-

The announcement has made by Wipro also that the company will start calling employees back to the offices probably by September. The employees are told to be vaccinated before September so that it would not create any issue at that time. Wipro has not announced any date by which the employees will be called and the company hasn’t disclosed the new plans for work from office.

The company has said the new guidelines for work from office will be sent via mail some days before the planned date. The date will be decided on the current scenario of the COVID at that time. That’s why there is no disclosure of any plans of the work from office.

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Announcement made by Infosys:-

Infosys has declared the end to Work from home and decided to call its 2.6 Lakh employees to get back to the offices very soon . As such there is no confirmation of the date from the company as it has said the date will be sent over notification to the employees that needs to report to the office and others will be notified for the further plans for the working.

As such there is no confirmation from the company regarding the new work from office guidelines but the company will have the guidelines by sure as there is a risk of third wave of COVID , so the companies need to change the guidelines for the safety of the employees.

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