Amazon Work from Home : New Plan Introduced

Amazon Work from home news is now in every corner of the country. As a part of Amazon Work from Home news , it has introduced new plans for the employees that are working from home. The details of the new plan are given below:-

No need of intro, Amazon is one of the largest online e-commerce platform in the globe where you can buy almost anything that you need. The global one is and for India , it is . Due to this pandemic, as everyone in the Industry, the employees of amazon are also working from home. Amazon employees near 92,000 employees over the globe and almost 95% are working from home now.

As after the arrival of second wave of Covid-19 in India, people are very much afraid to get out of their house as the second wave has hit India very badly. We’ve noticed so many deaths and infections during the second wave of coronavirus. After so many days , now it is in control as the cases as well as deaths are less now.

The metro cities having Amazon office like Bengaluru, Mumbai were hit very badly with the second wave and it has affected the population very much. The thing that can be said is now is the fear of third wave , that’s why almost all the companies including Amazon has preferred to work from home. All the companies are introducing new notices for work from home.

What is the plan by Amazon for Work From Home?

As of now , out of 92,000 employees , almost 95% of the workforce is working from home in Amazon. With the time , the employees need to move to office for working. So amazon is working to provide a suitable plan for everyone which can be implemented for the safety and ease of everyone working in the organization.

Recently it has been announced that the amazon work from home news is out and it has been extended till the situation gets normal during the arrival of Second Wave. After the shifting to Work from office, everyone will not be enabled with work from office at once. The people will be sent to office in batches and for work from office they have introduced plans for the employees.

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Amazon has said that after the resume of work from office, the employees working under particular band will be allowed to work from home for 2 days a week. Not everyone will be allowed to work from home after the official announcement of the work from office. The people which are from the operations team or working with the dispatch of the products have to get back to the office as soon as the things get back to normal.

The people working from the customer care department may be allowed to work from home for 1-2 days a week as that can be managed from home easily. As the pandemic era is going on , all the companies have understood that which tasks can be managed from home and which tasks need people to come to office for the proper functionality.

What tasks can be managed in Work From Home?

1. Customer Care :-

All the employees working in the customer care department i.e which helps people to resolve the issues they are facing can work perfectly from home. Those employees just need a laptop , internet and a headphone for their work to be done. The team can be shifted permanently for work from home and the office people number can get down parallely.

This step can help amazon to follow the pandemic restrictions easily in the offices as it will help to reduce the number of people coming into offices and there will be no effect on the work for this. In fact the work can be handled efficiently.

2.Advertising Team:-

Most of the advertisements are done on the social media and that can be handled sitting at home. That’s why the team can be easily approved for Work from Home. As the advertisement is one of the most important factors that affects the business, there are a good number of employees working under this team , this department can be added to the work from home list as it doesn’t affect business.

3. Developers:-

Developers that are working for the enhancement of the applications that are visible to the customers can also be considered as an entity that can work from home almost 1-2 days a week as the requirement can be discussed to them in the office and then they can work on the functionality over the time they get in office or home. It is said that the good productivity can be noticed in office but while considering the safety of all the employees, that can be adjusted.

The developers can utilize the time in office to understand the requirement of the business and utilize the time in home to implement that requirement and can come to office if they need anything from anyone.

As the a part of amazon work from home news , the company has introduced the new work from home plan that can be found on the top of the page.

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