Top 5 Apps that will Pay You Real Money for Playing Games

real money earning games

Earning money is the goal of every person in this world but earning while gaming is one of the greatest ideas of the minds. Yes, you heard it right , there are many gaming apps that pay you for playing games on them and you can easily earn money.

The task you have to do is play games and collect points . That points can then be redeemed in the form of real cash into paytm or by upi. You can add money into the apps also and purchase the premium services provided by them.

Today a lot of people are doing this and earning a lot of money through the gaming apps . Free time can be utilized into making money by playing games online and have a secondary income through it.

The main purpose of apps paying you money is there is a lot of competition for the likely apps. Therefore the app owners pay you money for using their apps. There is no such validity that for how much time it will pay you money.

Apps that pay you money are:-

1.Ludo Supreme:-

Ludo supreme is the online ludo playing platform where you can play with your friends or other verified members on this platform. You can also connect Facebook and start playing with your facebook friends. This ludo playing platform offers 24 X 7 tournaments between the players that can play and interact with each other through the chat as well as the stickers.

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How to Play:-

  1. You can start playing with your friends or invite other players online to play with you.
  2. You can then check the price distribution and scoring details and proceed to register.
  3. You can then start playing the game , all tokens will be at their positions at the initial phase.
  4. You have 15 seconds to decide and to move your tokens.
  5. Game will end once the 10 minute timer is over and the player having highest score will win following the 2nd , 3rd and 4th.

You can then transfer the money into your bank instantly and can start playing again to collect more money.

2. Ludo Ninja:-

Ludo Ninja is based on the new idea in terms of Ludo as it doesn’t have any dice in the game. The game is played dice less. You will be getting 10 INR as a joining bonus when you install the game and register yourself on the game. In Ludo Ninja, the winner will be decided on the basis of 24 moves. After 24 moves, the game comes to an end and the winner will be decided on the basis of current score.

How to Play:-

  1. You can play any time as it is available across many countries therefore players will be available every time.
  2. You can then check the ranking and scoring details and then proceed to register for the match.
  3. You can then start playing , at the initial stage all the tokens will be at the place .
  4. You will get 10 seconds to decide and move your token.
  5. Game will end when the 24 moves are over and the winners will be decided on the basis of their scores.


PokerBaazi is the online Poker platform where you can play Poker with other players out online. On PokerBaazi , there are a number of online poker tournaments that are held for earning cash prizes. You can get yourself into the tournaments and start playing to earn money. The list of online tournaments includes:-

  1. Asian Poker Tour- August
  2. Baazi Super Sundays
  3. Summit
  4. Weekly High Roller
  5. The Big Show

The best thing about PokerBaazi si you can play on any device. There is no pre requisite of installing the application over the mobile or laptop. You can just create an account on the website and start playing poker online.

4.Mobile Premiere League(MPL):-

MPL or Mobile Premier League is the online game platform which rewards you with real money when you start playing games on it . MPL offers a plenty of games like fantasy sports , rummy , chess ,quiz , Fruit Chop , 8 Ball Pool , 3D Pool , Temple Run, Balloon Buster , Fruit Ninja etc.

The idea behind this game is to get all the interesting games in a platform and giving users a very good user experience by which they can enjoy playing games and also can earn money by playing the games. The rewarded money from MPL can then be transferred into Paytm or the Bank account.

Before playing games on MPL , please investigate if it is legal to play games on MPL in your region- state or country.

5. Ludo By Paytm First Games:-

Paytm First Games is an all in one app for game players which is made by Paytm which includes Sports , card games , tournaments and other entertaining games. Paytm First Games claim to have over 300 games with a 4,5 crore people playing these games.

Players can play special tournaments and earn money if they win in the tournaments. Paytm cash will be rewarded to the people who win and then you can redeem the cash in the form of vouchers available on Paytm. Vouchers include Recharge cashback offers , movie offers , electricity bills , Dish TV recharges etc.

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