Online Part Time Jobs For Students to Earn Money

There are a lot of online part time jobs for students to earn money from home. One can study and work at same time to earn money for the expenses. You can also consider in the work from home jobs part time and can know how to earn money while studying. The only thing that one need is a computer , internet and some time. This article contains easy part time jobs for students.

Online part time jobs for students
Online Part Time Jobs For Students

Online Part Time jobs for students are the jobs that one can do while studying. Today , as almost all the colleges and schools are taking online classes, one can do study as well as work. With these jobs one can study and then work for 1-5 hours according to the time availability. The jobs are simple that anyone can do easily and does not take much time to do.

There are many students that do jobs at restaurants or any other store after study. Instead, they can work from home and earn more from these jobs. The jobs does not require to go out of the house and travel to the work places. One can work sitting at home easily and get the salary in the bank account.

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These jobs require few things such as a computer , internet and time. One should have the basic knowledge about how to use the computer. Good typing speed will be the plus point over the other people as one can save time. The requirements are given below in detail.

Things that you need to do online part time jobs for students:-

There are several things that you will need to have before starting the online part time jobs for students:-

  • A computer/ Laptop
  • A good Internet connection

The above mentioned are the two things that you must have to start earning online through part time jobs. A computer with a low performing processor and small memory will be okay for this task as you are not using any graphics or high end softwares. This can be done using excel only.

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The working experience that a student will be needing for doing part time jobs may be 0 also as for doing these jobs, you don’t require any prior knowledge of work.

For these jobs , you can work as a freelancer as well as you can have a service contract with a company once they are ready to take you as the employee. This solely depends on the work that you’re delivering is on time or not.

Types of Online Part Time Jobs for Students:-

The types of online part time jobs that a student can do and earn money are:-

  1. Data Entry Jobs
  2. Typing Jobs
  3. Software Testing
  4. Customer Care
  5. Content Writing

1. Data Entry Jobs:-

Online data entry jobs are the most popular online jobs for students. As it does not require any working experience. Also one needs to have a good typing speed to get the work at the earliest. Online data entry jobs does not require any other skill to master in rather than the typing speed.

Data entry jobs deals in handling the electronic data. Most of the times, you are given the hard copies of the data and you have to update the database with the data. The data can be anything related to sales, employee records, employee joining data, handling the employee databases etc.

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Students can look for the available data entry jobs on websites such as . etc . One can earn from 15,000 to 50,000 from the data entry jobs. The pay depends upon the time that you are investing to do the jobs.

2. Typing Jobs:-

Typing jobs are one of the easy jobs that one can do to make an earning . As for typing jobs , no previous experience is needed. Anyone having free time can apply for the typing jobs and start earning by working for the companies that needs data to be typed into the computers.

The companies generally when wanted to store the paper material notes into the computer, requires a number of people for getting the data transferred into the computers. Most of the typing jobs are data entry jobs. For which you need to enter the data into the computer by entering the data from keyboard.

You can earn from Rs 15,000 to Rs 70,000 from the typing jobs by working from home. There are many people who are jobless due to the pandemic and are not able to earn anything. Almost everyone can do these types of jobs i.e even a school student can do.

3. Software Testing:-

Software Testing is an IT job that a college student can do. This requires the understanding of the technical terms that one use in the requirements. These type of jobs not everyone can do. The college students that are pursuing computer degrees can go with this job.

This does not require any coding knowledge. Some companies that have more work and less employees hire students as Interns for the software testing of the clients. The software testing includes manual execution of the steps from the test cases. This does not require running any script or code.

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One can do the testing using automation scripts if that has the interest in coding languages. The companies provide a very good salary to the employees doing automation testing. Automation helps in the speeding of the testing processes.

One can get a salary from 10,000 to 1 Lakh per month according to the experience that one have. The salary varies as the automation testing provides more salary to the employees.

4. Customer Care:-

Customer Care centers provide jobs to a lot of students that have a good communication skills. There are a lot of companies such as Flipkart , Amazon , Kent which needs the most number of customer care people. The business of the companies are all over the India, so it gets a lot of queries and complaints. So to solve these queries and complaints, they needs employees.

These type of jobs require good communication skills as one needs to interact with customer and resolve the query. One should have a good understanding level so that he can resolve the query of the customer easily by providing a relevant solution.

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The salary of a customer care executive ranges from 10,000 to 40,000. One also gets incentives if he is able to resolve the customer’s query and gets a good feedback from them. There are shifts available for students where they can work according to the time availability and from home only.

5. Content Writing:-

There are a lot of content writing companies that hire students as the employees. The advantage of hiring students is that most of the college students have good english and writing skills. The content includes writing of articles , news , headlines etc.

This job does not have a specified time i.e one can do the task in an hour or less and the other one is doing the same in six hours. This solely depends on the skills of the person. The company provides the topic to the employee and ask for the content of specified length in return.

Most of the times salary depends on the number of articles you are writing and providing to the company. On an average the students earn 10,000 – 40,000 per month writing articles for the companies.

Websites that lists Online Part Time Jobs For Students:-

The examples of websites that lists online part time jobs for students are :-

  3. LinkedIn
  4. Upwork

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