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Are you thinking of upgrading your server? The best solution is VPS hosting! VPS hosting offers the same features that a dedicated server provides but only at a lower cost. With VPS hosting, you get the highest level of stability, security and speed for your websites or application. The reason why linux VPS hosting is becoming so popular is due to its immense benefits.

You usually think of upgrading to a VPS server when you reach a certain point with your projects or when your shared hosting runs out of resources. With a pool of web hosting providers, picking the finest windows VPS hosting service provider is difficult. Even I went through the same process and wanted to upgrade my server. 

So did a lot of research and found the best VPS hosting provider in the website hosting industry. This guide will assist you in determining which VPS hosting provider provides the best VPS hosting service. 

MilesWeb offers the best VPS hosting solution for your high-traffic, growing website. MilesWeb’s VPS hosting could be the right choice for your business if you are looking for a worry-free and feature-rich VPS.

MilesWeb offers both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. Here we will be specifically focusing on their managed Linux VPS hosting plans. 

What is VPS? 

A server is a powerful computer that stores all the data and files that make your website. On a server, all your websites are stored. When someone types a domain name into their web browser, that powerful computer serves up your website to the searcher’s screen. 

Now let us know about a VPS server? A VPS server or VPS hosting is one powerful server divided into multiple virtual private servers. It’s one piece of physical hardware that functions like several separate servers. You won’t have to share RAM, CPU, or bandwidth with other users.Thus, there are no performance issues when you opt for VPS hosting service. 

Managed VPS: 

VPS hosting is split into managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. With managed VPS hosting, the hosting provider looks after your virtual private server. 

They take care of the server security updates, server maintenance tasks, including software updates and installations and security provisions with the managed VPS hosting. 

Unmanaged VPS: 

In unmanaged VPS hosting, you have to take care of the server management and setup. It is vital to have sound technical knowledge if you opt for unmanaged VPS. 

There is a range of Linux VPS hosting plans available with MilesWeb. It means there are a total of ten plans for the same.

With all the plans, you get guaranteed server resources, the highest level of security, and the highest level of uptime. You can pick one that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

MilesWeb’s Linux VPS Hosting Plans 

Here I will give you a sneak peek about the basic and the high-end VPS hosting plans. V1 is the basic plan that costs Rs.630 per month on a yearly subscription. And the resources you get with this plan are 2vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP, and a free control panel. 

The high-end plan costs Rs.32,640/mo on a one-year subscription. This plan includes 40 vCPU, 128 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP, and a free control panel. 

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting is the best solution for all of these jobs, whether you need to host a personal project, start your business online, or develop an application. Take reference to the above image to know about their VPS hosting plans. 

What Features Will I Get MilesWeb’s VPS? 

24×7 Customer Support 

With MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting, you get 24×7 full-time customer support from their team of experts. If you have any issues related to website hosting, you can reach out to their support team. 

Their VPS experts are well-trained and are available on email and live chat. 

SSL Certification for Free 

An SSL certificate is a vital aspect of your website. Why because it keeps your website safe from data breaches and hackers. With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services, you receive SSL certification for your website or application. Google gives preference to websites that have an SSL certificate installed. You don’t have to be concerned about both the security and SEO rankings. 

Intel Xeon Processors 

MilesWeb makes use of Intel Xeon processors on their servers. These servers are the latest generation and help boost the performance of your website. The Intel Xeon processors are best for handling heavy websites or applications. 

Guaranteed Resources 

You get guaranteed server resources with VPS hosting. You don’t have to share CPU, memory, or bandwidth with other users. For hosting your mission-critical websites or applications, you can utilize all the assigned resources. 

Select a Control Panel

The user-friendly control interface makes all VPS management operations simple. To accomplish all your website management activities, you must first choose a subscription package from DirectAdmin, cPanel, or Webuzo.

Final Thoughts on MilesWeb

VPS hosting is the perfect solution for hosting your heavy traffic website or application. MilesWeb is among the trusted web hosts that highly focus on offering the best managed VPS hosting services at affordable prices. 

Their VPS hosting service is powered by KVM technology and offers the best security, control and features. 

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