How much does Youtube pay you for 1 million views?

Read this article till the last to know how much does youtube pay you for 1 million views. Today , people uploading videos on youtube are increasing very fast. As the amount of money one can generate is Incredible. More the number of people watch the video, more the views will be on the video and more it will generate the money.

How much does Youtube pay you for 1 million views?

Things to know before knowing the amount of money:-

Youtube pays the money to the creators using Google Adsense. One should have the adsense account in order to earn money from youtube. You need to link your adsense account with your channel to monetize.

The most important thing that one needs to know is Youtube doesn’t pay money for the views on videos , instead it pays for the views and clicks on the ads that youtube shows while playing videos.

You can select the type of ads that you want to show on your videos. You can select relevant ads to show on your videos as relevant ads can get more clicks. More clicks can earn you more money.

The videos that you post must not include any copyrighted content or copied content. Youtube doesn’t allow videos to generate revenue which contains copyrighted content.

How much does Youtube pay you for 1 million views?

For 1 million views on the video, as Youtube does not pay for views but for ads that appear while watching video. And the advertisement doesn’t come on every view of the video. So for an average, upto $5 is paid for every 1000 views on the video. The amount can also vary on the basis of following points:-

  • The country from which the views are coming i.e views from USA generates way more revenue than from India.
  • Number of clicks on the video ads i.e more the clicks , more the revenue.
  • Number of ad views by the users.
  • Number of conversions i.e the ads are converted into the orders.

On an average payout of $5 per 1000 views (according to Forbes survey), the video generates roughly around $5000 per 1 Million or 10,00,000 views on a video. There are some people on youtube who try to buy fake views for the sake of earning money from Youtube. But as on the fake views , there will be no ad views, ad clicks , so it will not generate any revenue from the video.

How to earn money from youtube?

To monetize your channel , there must be at least 1000 subscribers on your channel and 4000 watch hours from your youtube videos. Youtube channel is nothing but your account from where you upload the videos. There is no charge for creating a youtube channel.

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You can use your google account to create a youtube account free of cost. After you are done creating the youtube account, you can create your youtube channel.

Youtube is the most advanced idea where you can earn money by posting your own content free of cost. There is no minimum investment of money to earn from youtube but the investment of time is needed.

As uploading of videos on youtube needs recording and editing, which takes time to do. When you start uploading videos on youtube, people can watch your videos and you can get money for the invested time.

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