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This article contains the highest paying easy jobs in US . There are many highest paying easy jobs that you can do and earn a good amount of money in US but being a resident , you should know which jobs can pay you very well so that you can try them as a part time first and then maybe for the full time.

Before discussing for the easy jobs that can pay you well , you should know which is an easy job that we are addressing to here. You can try these as part time first and then maybe the full time if you consider it as the work you can do and if you like the work.

What is an easy job?

Here , we are considering a job as easy if you don’t require any high qualification for joining and basically which doesn’t require any degree and still pays you a very good amount of money. And also you don’t need any technical knowledge for that . Its just you need to do some basic things and then you can get an amount to home. These jobs will not let you to be in stress at all , you can work without any stress load.

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Doing these jobs , doesn’t mean you cannot do other jobs or things you have interest in by which you can earn money as most of the below mentioned jobs can be a part – time offer. It depends on the case that whether it is full time or Part time and most of the time it will be part time .

These jobs are posted on google can easily be found when searched with the specified job profile name.

Jobs that can give you highest salary in US

The List of highest paying easy jobs in US includes 5 jobs that can provide you a good amount of money and doesn’t need much time to work. This also includes the factor of stress free working:-

  1. House Sitter
  2. Personal Trainers.
  3. Flight Attendant
  4. Dog Walker
  5. Massage Therapist

Get in detail with the every job given below:-

1. House Sitter:-

Being a house sitter, you have to manage the house when the owner is not at home. This is the first job from highest paying easy jobs list .The basic work that you can do as a house sitter is not letting house to be empty , you can get the basic things done like watering the plants , having cleanliness in house , taking care of houses etc.

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The house sitter comes to the need when everyone is working and the house needs to be taken care by someone including some of the members that are dependable on the working ones that can be grandparents , kids , pets etc.

The house sitters job can be done part time also , required the family doesn’t need the house keeper to be 24 X 7 in the house. With concluding from a survey we can conclude , on an average, house keepers earn around $25,944 annually and around 15% earn upto $34K annually , which is a good amount of money considering the work you are doing.

2. Personal Trainers:-

“Fitness leads to happiness”, you must have heard this line which says if you are fit, you are happy. This is the second in highest paying easy jobs which requires dedication to do. This is somehow true as most of the people are sad as they have some kind of disease or malfunctioning in the body. So if you are fit , you should be happy. So to keep you happy, Personal Trainers are there to help you to get you in shape.

Also , in the pandemic period , laying on the bed, most of the people have got out of shape and are eager to back in shape, that’s why now its getting considered as a good source of income if you are having the fit body and you have invested your time in the Gym.

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There are such certifications also , that you can get and boost your earnings as a Personal Trainer. The Personal trainers are earning at an average of $40,000 and on the peak of earnings upto $75,400. The investment in your body can turn out to be a money making machine.

3.Flight Attendant:-

As the name clearly indicates the work that one have to do being a Flight Attendant i.e the addressing the passengers with the details of everything that needs to be known while travelling in a flight such as how to wear the chair belt, how to behave in turbulance , what to do if you feel low on oxygen. These are the things that generally Flight Attendents should be aware of.

There are some courses that needs to be done and you need certifications to be employed as a Fight Attendant. Usually if we count on an average , a flight attendant earns around $56,500 dollars annually and that can increase over time upto $81,000 .

4.Dog Walker:-

Dog walker can definitely a part time job for the people who want to earn and get to walk over the streets. Most of the people prefer a pet as a dog but many of them are not able to do so because of the family or any other challenges. So being a dog walker you can take other people’s dog on walk , that will refresh your mood as well as you will be paid for it.

Being a dog walker is not a very difficult task , you just need to know how to get the dogs in control as you can then control them in case the dog get in fight with other dogs. Most of the dog walkers charge 12$ per hour or it can be stretched to $18 per hour depending on the cases. This is in highest paying easy jobs as if one is doing this job for 9 hours a day , a sum of more than $100 can be earned per day.

5.Massage Therapist:-

This profession is a very helpful profession we can say as you help people to get relax and get rid of their stress as well as of any certain physical condition if they are going through. This profession needs some knowledge and training to be the specialist. It is the profession where one can work full time in the clinics or spa’s and then can manage the schedule for the massage’s.

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Being a Massage Therapist, you should know about the points of the body that which point is connected to which body pain, Then you can help a lot of people getting rid of the physical conditions with which they are suffering. Coming to the earning , we can say the part time earning for this profession is not less than full time earning of most of the professions i. e it is $43,000 annually.

Around 10-15 % of Massage Therapist are also earning almost double i.e $80,000 annually. And on an average $65,000 annually people are earning from this job which can be considered in highest paying easy jobs.

So That’s it readers, we hope you have found the article useful and don’t forget to give comments below

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