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There are a lot of easy typing jobs available only for which just need to know how to use a computer and you should have a good typing speed. You can earn from Rs 15,000 to Rs 70.000 from the typing jobs by working from home. There are many people who are jobless due to the pandemic and are not able to earn anything. Read the article till the last for the complete information.

easy typing jobs

Typing jobs are one of the easy jobs that one can do to make an earning . As for typing jobs , no previous experience is needed. Anyone having free time can apply for the typing jobs and start earning by working for the companies that needs data to be typed into the computers.

The companies generally when wanted to store the paper material notes into the computer, requires a number of people for getting the data transferred into the computers. Most of the typing jobs are data entry jobs. For which you need to enter the data into the computer by entering the data from keyboard.

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In the pandemic , a lot of people lost the jobs and don’t have anything to do for the living. The typings jobs can be done for making a living as there is a lot of requirement for the people in the data entry . One can start working part time to earn the money from typing jobs .

As the typing jobs needs to be done online , so it doesn’t need to get out of the house to do the job. One can sit at home and earn the money from typing jobs. There is no need to have knowledge about any technology or technical skill to get into the typing jobs .

Requirements for typing jobs:-

There is a very general requirement for doing typing jobs. There is no need of any heavy or high end setup of computer or one doesn’t need to be good in any technology or skill. The thing is typing requires more time and less of knowledge. The only thing that one needs to have is good typing speed along with some low end requirements.

One must know how to do some basic math such as operations like addition , subtraction , multiplication , division to do the typing jobs and the basic requirement for the system requirements given below:-

  1. A computer or a laptop
  2. A good internet connection

1. A computer or a laptop:-

You must have a computer or a laptop to start earning from the typing jobs. The computer with low specification will also be okay to work on as it is not needed to install any heavy software to install, you just need MS office to start working .

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Some people say you need computer with high end specification to work for a typing job but this is only a myth, the low performing laptop can easily handle the load that is on the processor of the computer. The high end specification is needed when you need to work with graphics but here we are not working with any graphics software.

2. A good internet connection:-

A good internet connection is needed to work as everything you do is online and if it takes time to load the data , then it can take a lot of time to show up and the job gets delayed and which will create an issue if you are working as part – time . So ensure having a good internet connection.

What work needs to be done?

The most of the work in typing jobs is related to entering the data in the database and store the loose or unstructured data into the files and in a structured format. The data that needs to be stored can be related to anything like Employee data , Sales, Employee records , handling the employee databases.

There are a number of strategies on which money can be paid like by the project, keystrokes per minute , keystrokes per hour, keystrokes per word or receive an hourly wage.

Where you can find the jobs?

There are many online freelancing websites where the typing jobs can be found easily. On the freelancing websites , you can earn from 15,000 per month to 70,000 per month according to the offer that one gives for the jobs. The freelancing websites are given below on which you can apply for typing jobs:-

1. Naukri.com


The details we can see in the above image i.e the experience doesn’t matter in these jobs as it doesn’t require any technical knowledge about any of the skill. This is clearly visible that more than 22,000 jobs are available on the website where the starting income that you can get is of around 1.5 Lakh per annum but it can vary person to person.

2. Shine.Com


Another website that offers the typing jobs is Shine.Com where you can find the jobs nearest to your current location but as almost all of the jobs are from home , the location doesn’t matter at all. This is only for the reference purpose that the company that is offering job is at which location i.e here it is Ludhiana.

3. Upwork:-


It is one of the most famous freelancing website on which lakhs of freelancers do the work i.e freelancing. There are many very good opportunities for online typing jobs on Upwork. The thing that is good about upwork is it is having the jobs related to social media also where you will be getting many things to learn that you can implement in the real life and can earn money from there.

Other websites on which you can find the typing jobs are:-

  • Freelancer.com
  • LinkedIn
  • TrueLancer

Above mentioned are some trusted websites from which you can start working and earning money online from typing jobs and other jobs also.

That’s it for the article. If the information seems to be useful, please comment the thoughts below.

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