What is an Instagram page? How to create Instagram page?

An Instagram page is a business account which people use to earn money. To create an instagram page , an account is needed and then it can be converted into a professional account. Most of the people knows what is an instagram page but doesn’t know how to create instagram page.

What is an instagram page

What is an Instagram page?

Instagram page is a free account that can be converted into a professional account to manage your business content. The account must be public in order to convert it into an Instagram page. Instagram pages are used to upload posts such as Images , videos , stories , reels etc.

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There is no charges for creating an Instagram page. People can earn money from page without giving any money to the Instagram . This is the new way of earning where no investment is required.

Instagram pages are the new way of growing the audience and earn money by it. There are many Instagram pages which have millions of followers and the owners are earning a great amount from the pages. The only thing they need to do is uploading posts on their page.

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How to create an Instagram page?

To create an Instagram page , one must have an Instagram account that can be used to upload post. To create an Instagram page , the following steps needs to be followed:-

  • Create an Instagram account.
  • Add all the required details.
  • Setup the account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on ‘ Switch to Professional Account ‘
  • Select ‘Creator’ or ‘Business’
  • Click next and add all the details.
  • The account will be converted to Professional account.

While switching , the option ‘Creator’ or ‘Business’ comes and the suitable option needs to be selected. The explanation is given below:-

creator or business page

1. Creator:-

A creator type page is for the public figures i.e actors , singers , role players , content producers , artists and influencers. As the options that one will get in the page will depend upon the which type of page you want to create .

There are categories available after selecting the Creator also i.e the category selected will be displayed on the profile and people can see the work that you do and the page has been made.

There are a lot of categories to select and you can select if you want to show the selected category on your profile or not. At a time only one category can be selected for the page.

The category options for the creator type page are :-

  • Personal Blog
  • Product/Service
  • Art
  • Musician/Band
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Health/Beauty
  • Grocery Store

Select the valid option and proceed to the finish of the page creation process.

2. Business:-

A Business type page is for retailers , local businesses , brands , organizations and service providers. The business type can be generally used where the products needs to be listed so that people can see the products and can make the order by visiting the online store or can buy from the listed products.

There are a lot of business that are running on Instagram. The best thing about running business on Instagram is that no money for the setup needs to be given unlike Offline stores and no need of developing a website unlike online stores.

You can upload and people can see the products and then make the purchase. The other advantage is people can follow the page and get the latest posts of products and can keep shopping from the page.

The category for the business type page are same as the Creator type page but the only difference is that you will get the products listing option for the Business type.

After the page creation , the posts can be uploaded and people can see your posts and start following your page on Instagram. The most important thing to make an Instagram page successful is the number of followers. If the page have good number of followers , there are high chances that more and more people will consider following your page if the content that you paste is relevant to them.

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