How to earn Money from Instagram Reels in India | Working Methods

Instagram is today known as a money making machine. But do you know How to earn money from Instagram Reels in India ? The truth is there are a lot of methods that you can use to earn a lot of money by just making Instagram Reels. Reels are the short videos that you can make upto 60 sec.

How to earn money from Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the new feature of Instagram that people use to earn money. Some people are making money in Lakhs by just posting reels on Instagram in India. But before knowing how to earn money from Instagram Reels , you must know what is an Instagram reel, that is given below.

What is an Instagram Reel?

Instagram provides a feature of Reels which is the most trending feature. Reels are the short videos that one can make. The duration of the reels can be upto 60 seconds. Previously it was upto 30 seconds but now Instagram has increased the limit upto 60 seconds.

A lot of creators believe Instagram Reels is the easy method of making your content viral and get a lot of followers. As of today , creators prefer creating 4 Reels of 15 seconds each instead of creating a video of Two minutes.

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People also prefer to watch reels instead of a long duration video. But the thing you need to know is you can really earn money from Reels in India. There are many people which are earning more than 1 Lakh in a month by just creating reels on their account.

If you are making reels to get famous , then you should have a Public Instagram account as well as a good editing knowledge of videos. Editing reels on Instagram is very easy as there are all options available for editing. You can record a new video or choose an existing video from the gallery.

How to earn Money from Instagram Reels in India?

In India , there are many creators that are earning a great amount by making reels on Instagram. The income is continuous if your reels are getting attention i.e views , likes and comments. There is no as such minimum followers agenda for the reels to get viral.

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If people are sharing your reel with each other and it is getting a good response, there is a very good chance that Instagram can show your reels in Trending or Recommended Section. There is no common Trending List , it is different for everyone. The same is for Recommended Section.

Instagram itself does not pay money to anyone for creating reels or any post. However still people can earn a lot of money without violating Instagram Terms and Conditions.

The methods to earn money from Instagram Reels in India are:-

  1. Make Reels on Fitness Challenges.
  2. Make Reels on Places to Visit.
  3. Use promotional songs.
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Promotion for Accounts.

1. Make Reels on Fitness Challenges:-

Fitness Challenges is a very trending niche as the fitness brands pay famous creators to post fitness challenges on the brand name. This helps a brand to gain the fame and the people following the creator becomes familiar with the brand name. This also helps the brand to gain followers on the account.

Many fitness models also post challenges on their Instagram page. It is a type of advertisement that creators do to increase the audience of the brand. In return , the brand pays money to the creator. The amount of money can vary with the number of followers the creator has.

2. Make Reels on Places to Visit:-

Being in the lockdown period , people have stayed in the houses from almost 1.5 years. So now to search for places to visit after the lockdown restrictions has been eased. So the travel companies, in the craving to get the travel orders, advertise the travel plans.

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After the ease in the restrictions, people are heavily rushing to the hill stations like Manali , Shimla etc. So Travel companies pay Instagram creators to show the places and the prices so that they can get a boost in the sales of plans

3. Use Promotional Songs:-

The song companies pay a lot of money to creators to make reels on their songs. This helps in increasing the views on youtube if the reel gets viral on Instagram. If someone liked the 15 sec reel , there are a lot of chances that he will come to youtube to listen the full song.

People make a lot of reels on the songs to get the followers so there are the highest chances of reel to get viral. There are many companies that hire creators for all its songs promotional reels. This helps a creator to earn a lot of money from the promotions.

The amount of money that a creator gets is at least 5000 – 6000 per reel. This amount can increase if you have a good amount of followers and your reel is getting engagement from the people.

4. Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way of earning money by commissions. You will get commission for every sale that you make. You need to enroll in the affiliate program and then it will generate a unique link and if someone buys the product by clicking on your link, you will get the commission.

These links have the validity i.e of 30 days or 45 days in which one needs to buy the product after clicking on your link. The validity can vary provider to provider.

You can make reels using your creative ideas and can sell the products using your link. It will generate a very good revenue if the reel gets viral and people starts buying from your link.

5. Promotion for Accounts:-

You can also do promotion for the accounts to provide the followers to them . Pages with less followers pay accounts with more followers to get the followers. So , creators make reels on the content that a page have so that people can follow the account if they like the content.

This is also known as growing a page as small pages pay a very good amount to get the organic followers. This is a type of chain that small pages pay money to become big and then charges money to make other pages big.

Reels can help in increasing the followers very quickly as there are a lot of chances for a reel to get viral and more people can see the content.

Above are the methods given to earn money from Instagram Reels . Please give your valuable comments if you find the article useful.

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