How to earn from Instagram meme page? Things to know

There are so many opportunities for earning on instagram , this article will be related to how to earn from instagram meme page . Today, there are a lot of people who has understood the power of social media and started a great earning from it. There are many methods by which you can earn on Instagram . We will be posting those in out upcoming posts like how to earn money as a Social media influencer and many more.

Memes are the sensation for today’s generation. People spend their free time and even the time in which they work watching memes. The source of these memes are social media like Instagram , facebook etc. Some people spend their whole day scrolling memes on Instagram . It has become a trend for the people nowadays. But before knowing all these things , do you know what is a meme?

What is a meme?

A meme can be anything i.e image, video, a written text which people on internet share with each other and it make you laugh. There are a hell lot of pages on instagram that posts more than hundreds of memes daily and get thousands and lakhs of shares and likes. If we see the number of followers on meme pages, there are some pages having more than 50 Lakh followers on Instagram.

Example of a meme page- Consider followers

Having 50 Lakh followers on meme page is more or less not imaginable. One can not even imagine that meme page can have these much followers . These pages are also being followed by the filmstars having more than 20 Million or even 50 Million followers. That’s how ypu can see the craze of memes on the social media.

The reason of meme pages having these much followers is people relate to the memes and then it make them laugh. Today in this world , people have many reasons to be depressed and less reasons to laugh or being happy , so the memes make them laugh and that’s why the audience of these meme pages is growing day by day.

Memes can be made from anything like a peice of act from a movie , any incident happened with a person , any recent news , any statement made by a famous personality etc. Therefore there is no limit on how many memes that can be made or posted. There are people who can make memes of anything they see.

How to earn from Instagram meme page?

For this you need to first create a meme page on instagram and start posting memes on your page. Try to post the memes that are not on other meme pages . Try to create your own memes and try contacting people who can create memes for you. This is the initial stage and this will need some time to give you money. So you need to have patience and regularity in your work.

After you have the good number of followers say more than 10K on instagram (given below how you can grow followers) , you can start asking for paid promotions from the other people by providing the details that paid promotions are available . The type of paid promotions by which you can earn are:-

  1. Posting offers from brands on your page and the brand will pay you money.
  2. Posting memes from other meme pages on Instagram with the do follow tag i.e telling your audience to follow that page.
  3. Posting other person’s reels/videos in your story with a do follow tag.
  4. Posting a review on the product from a brand so that your followers can purchase and brand will pay you.

By above given methods, you can easily earn money from a meme page by investing your 2-3 hours on it.

How can you grow followers on meme page?

For earning money from a meme page on instagram, there must be a good number of followers on your page say in thousands at least . Only then it can be monetized by paid promotions from brands or the influencers. For the growing of the followers on the page, there can be a need of some investment by which you can pay the meme page owners that have a great number of followers and your page can be promoted.

The method that is free is that the relatable meme content needs to posted daily on the meme page , so that the followers can relate to the memes and start sharing those with their friends/ family. This method requires some time but it definitely works. For this method patience is the key but it will work definitely.

The another hack to grow the followers is once there are more than 10K followers on the page , make your page private as if the page is private , the people with which the post is being shared by the followers will need to follow the page in order to see that post and it will give a boost in the number of followers increasing.

How much money can be earned?

When there is a talk of how much money can be earned from a meme page , the answer will always be infinite. As it clearly depends on the number of followers on the page and the posts that an owner is posting on the page. The minimum earning that a meme page owner can make starts from 15 – 20K per month.

These earning may vary in case of pages having millions of followers , in that case it can be 15 -20k per hour also as the price of the promotional post will be high for the pages having more number of followers. There is no limit on number of followers a meme page can have so there is no limit on how much a meme page owner can earn.

So that’s it for the article , let us know in comments if you liked the information that is provided.

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