How do Instagram Pages make money? Things to know

Instagram is the new way of making money online. People start a page on Instagram and make a lot of money everyday. But how do instagram pages make money? There are many ways which can monetize an instagram page and people can start an earning from instagram page.

how do instagram pages make money

To know how do instagram pages earn money , one should know what is an Instagram page and what are the steps to followe to start earning from an instagram page. The Instagram page can make you the money in a week that an average job can pay you in a month.

Instagram is a very interesting way of earning money that can help you to make easy money once you have worked on your account. The only thing you need to do is have patience and you can make money from Instagram very easily.

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What is an Instagram Page?

Instagram Page is a type of public account that people can use for sharing posts images , videos , status , reels and other stuff on the Instagram. For any account to be a Instagram page, it needs to be public so that all users can see the posted content.

There is no fees on creating an Instagram page i.e it is free. You can create an instagram page and start sharing posts , the people that like your posts can view your profile and start following your page on Instagram.

The posts can be anything that you share like images , videos , stories and reels. The people can see the posts on your page and that can help your page to get more followers if you are posting the relevant content.

The reach on the posts can be seen within the Instagram where you can see the number of likes , impressions , no. of shares and number of save. This can help in analyzing the performance of the posts.

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You can analyze the posts and then you can start posting the type of content that people are liking and sharing. The page can grow followers very quickly if people are sharing your posts with other people which don’t follow you.

How do instagram pages make money?

Instagram pages are the new way of making money online where you are not investing a single penny to earn money. But you need to invest time to start earning money. Without investing your time in posting the content , you cannot start earning from instagram pages.

To earn money from instagram pages , you need enough followers and engagement so that your posts start getting displayed in the trending list of the instagram. The trending list is the list where the posts of the accounts which have a good reach are displayed.

The trending list can be different for users as Instagram keeps on refreshing the posts in the list. There is a very good chance of people following your account if the trending list shows your posts.

Instagram Pages can make money by given methods:-

  • Sharing other pages to follow.
  • Sharing the paid posts.
  • Affiliate Links.
  • Paid promotions from Brands.
  • Posting product reviews

Above are the given methods that can make money from instagram pages. Paid promotions from Brands can make most of the money.

There are a lot of Brands that a lot of money to the instagram pages to post their product details on stories or posts. The money can be at least 5000-6000 INR per post but the money depends on the followers on your Instagram page. There is no limit on the money you can earn , if the engagement is more , the money paid will be more.

The other method is Affiliate Links , that you can earn money by selling the products. You can post the products on your page and can get the commission for each product that is sold from your special affiliate link.

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