Earn money from Instagram account | Things to know

Make 1 Lakh rupees from Instagram

Instagram is a well known social media that people use a lot in their daily routine. People use instagram for the time pass by scrolling through the feed. But most of the people don’t know that they can earn money actually a lot of money through instagram.

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Most of the people are unaware that they can earn money from instagram, actually a lot of money. Posting includes images , vidoes, reels and stories. The people just use it as a social media for fun and most of the people waste their time by scrolling through the feeds.

The thing that people needs to be understand is by using instagram you can earn money but the money that you will earn will not be paid by instagram. The money will be paid by brands or the people for which you are posting on your profile.

For letting people about your profile and get them to your account for the paid promotion, your profile needs to be attractive and it should contain the quality posts. Quality posts means it should be shot from a good camera and the you should not upload any insensitive post.

How can you make money from Instagram?

The question for which everyone wants an answer is that how you can earn money from instagram? The answer is very simple in fact. The process of earning money from instagram is given below, you can check:-

1. A public account:-

The first step that you need to do is make your Instagram account public and disable Private account option in settings. This needs to be done in order to show your posts to all the people including those which are not following you on Instagram.

On instagram , when your account is public , anyone using instagram can view the posts on your profile and start following you if that person finds your posts good. Instagram also has the trending feature in which your posts can show up if there if it is viewed by a lot of people and these things can happen only if your account is public.

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Having a private account will not help you if you want to earn from instagram. Your posts will be visible to only your followers and no one else can see that.

2.Post Content Regularly:-

If you’re into posting your content daily like if you are posting memes, news or your own photos/videos , there are very high chances of your posts getting more attention by people and people visiting your profile can be increased. This is a very good method of increasing your followers. Start posting reels on a regular basis, because reels is a new feature of instagram and people are using reels very much.

Reels can help you grow your followers very quickly . The chances of reels getting viral are very high and it can reach upto a lot of people and people can start following you for the more content.

3.Reach to Brands:-

After you have enough followers and new people are getting to your account and following you, then you can start reaching out to the brands for collaboration or start accepting Paid Promotions i.e share someone’s post or profile into your story / post and charge money from them. People will only pay you money if they can see that you are having enough engagement with your followers that they will follow the trends that you will tell them to.

If you are having the good engagement with your followers , the product you use for yourself, your followers will try to get that spending their money and the brands that you share will get profit from the post shared by you. By this you will often get paid promotions and you can earn a lot of money from paid promotions alone.

4.Selecting brands:-

Selecting brands is the most difficult task we can say. People can’t choose which brands to approach for the collaboration. The thing is it solely depends on which account you are having. If you are a social media influencer i.e you post your own content, you should approach lifestyle brands like clothes , shoes , accessories brands .

If you are having an account on which you upload memes , funny videos , celebrity photos and you have a lot of followers , in that case you can take paid promotions for accounts where you post other people’s post and tell your followers to follow them . There are many brands which want to grow their audience so they pay money to other people for sharing their posts with a do follow tag.

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