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Write articles online to earn money

Writing articles is not less than a talent. If you are writing good articles that readers are finding useful , you are none less than an artist. Everyone can write an article or post about the topics they are given but some can write the articles which are useful to the readers.

Online there are so many websites which pay you for writing articles for them. If you can write a useful article, you can earn a lot of money with this. Taking this as passion makes it very easy to have the articles written. Usually people prefer this as a part time work, but if you are enjoying it, you can take it as a full time and earn a good amount of money.

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Writing articles is a type of freelancing job , that you do for a blog / news agency. If they like your work , there are very good chances that they will hire you as their full time writer. Writer should also have the ability to choose the attractive Headings so that people come and read the article.

Websites that pay you for writing are:-


Contena is we can say a membership based freelancing platform that provides education and job finding resources. You can send the sample posts and create an account on Contena. To start earning from Contena, you need to first activate your membership , then you will be provided with a training program that you need to complete which shows you exactly how to get started with freelance writing.

Freelance writing will be based on the many different types of businesses and industries that need content. The type of content can be anything like ebooks , blog post , web copy etc. and there will be so many topics for which people will pay you to write content for them.

Contena for writing articles online

The advantage of using Contena is that you don’t need any experience in any type of writing, they will be providing you the course material with your membership by which you can read to learn about writing the content.

To use Contena, you need to take membership and that will cost you around $40 per month and after that you can earn money by writing posts for people.

2. Blasting News:-

Blasting News is a global publisher that provides the news from all the angles irrespective of taking sides of one another. It is a good platform to start your career if you know how to write news articles well. The main advantage of Blasting News is that anyone from the world can post generalism on almost any topic. That article will be first reviewed by the reviewer and then will be published on the website featuring the name of the writer.

The writer will be paid if the article is featured on the website and then start posting the content regularly that will be first reviewed and then posted.

3. List Verse:-

List Verse is a platform online which generally posts articles about the Top 10 most hillarious, interesting things . Some of the articles are like Top 10 Incredible smells.

For publishing the article on List Verse as an Author:-

  1. You must meet pre requisites like perfect english, engaging writing ability, Listverse style fit, and source referencing.
  2. You must conduct thorough research and have expertise on topic that is to be considered for publication.7
  3. The written article must be passed from the reviewers which includes checking for editorial fit and making sure it is meeting standards of our editorial guidelines.

4. Instant Shift:-

Instant Shift is a platform where you will find the articles on the technology generally. So if you are having knowledge about the terms used in the latest technology and have an interest in researching about technologies, you can opt in Instant Shift.

Instant Shift

5. Metro Parent :-

Metro Parent has said to pay writers money who are willing to cover ‘local’ parenting topics in southeast Michigan. This is said to be a great opportunity for content writers which can write on local topics. The growing of the audience is very well on this platform and you can see great content also.

Metro Parent

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