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As due to the ongoing pandemic, everything is getting operated from home like offices , schools , classes and almost every one being a student , employee , businessman is working from home. So below are the work from home jobs for students listed. So that a student can earn money while studying.

Everyone wants to be independent and want to earn money on their own. Today, is the world of internet, one can earn of lot of money sitting at home and working. Students can continue their study and can work after they get some buffer time and earn a good amount of money.

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Jobs that a student can do from home are:-

1. Content Writing:-

There are a lot of websites on the internet that will pay you the money for writing the posts for them. If you’re good in communications skills and having a good sort of grammer knowledge , you can opt to write posts/articles and start earning money online working from home.

Content Writer

Some of the sites which pay money for the content writing are:-

2. Freelancing:-

Freelancing is working as an independent company rather than be employed by anyone else. Freelancers are independent in terms of work timings and work that needs to be done. As a freelancer , you can work on multiple projects at a time and earn money accordingly. If you’re working in a company, salary will be paid to you even if you work less or more.

Freelancing is the one of the less time taking work from home jobs for students as one can create an account on the freelancing websites and can start earning money based on their skills.

But being a freelancer , you have to be in sync with the deadlines and the work efficiency that the client wants. Freelancing can be done in any career field whether it is IT professional like Front End Development, Web/mobile application development , testing etc or in a field like teaching , singing , video editing, image editing , data entry jobs etc.

Some of the freelancing websites are:-

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Truelancer

3. Start a blog:-

Blogging is the best job from the list of work from home jobs as being a student , you can have much time to upload your blog posts and grow your audience. Once you grow your audience , you can start earning money from the ads or the sponsored posts from the brands that will be reaching out to you or you can reach out to them.

For starting a blog you need to figure out some things. Check the link below:-

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After starting up a blog, you can apply for google adsense program and start displaying ads on your blog website.

Some of the famous and successful bloggers are:-

  1. Amit Agrawal – $60,000 per month earnings
  2. Harsh Agrawal – $52,000 per month earnings
  3. Faisal Farooqui – $50,000 per month earnings
  4. Shradha Sharma – $30,000 per month earnings

Earnings are the average figures as mentioned on Google.

4. Open a youtube channel:-

Youtube is the today’s biggest sensation as after the Jio’s arrival in the market, the internet has been spread into the every part of India. Youtube is now the part of the daily routine of a person. The biggest advantage of youtube is it is free to use and you can earn money by uploading your videos.

Being a youtuber, you can start your channel and start posting the videos which you believe is unique and will be liked by the people. In today’s world , youtube is in the list of highest earning platforms offline and online. People are posting the things they are good at doing and getting paid for it. What can be more better?

For more info regarding the youtube, have a look at the below articles:-

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Important– The suggestion is if you are confused what to do among the given works, our suggestion is give a try to everything and end up doing the thing that you find interesting and can be done consistently. As the work that you find interesting, you will be keen to learn that thing more and will help you grow very fastly.

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