Wipro, Infosys or TCS which is the better choice?

While choosing an IT career , its very important to choose a better organization to get into. The all three companies are the top MNC’s of India. People certainly get confused between the three like which organization is better for their career.

For the better choice we will divide it into the categories with the education and the experience you’re holding:-

1.For BCA/BSc freshers:-

For the BCA/BSc freshers if they want to make career into IT, the three companies provide the following programs:-

1.WIPRO- Wipro offers Work Integrated Learning Program(WILP) where you can pursue your M.Tech Degree along with the work. In Wipro , you will get the benefit of studying along with the work. You have to sign their agreement of around 5 years if you’re shortlisted.

2.INFOSYS:- There is no such program offered by Infosys for the candidates , hence you will not have a long agreement. Infosys have the normal agreement of 1-2 years , after that you can switch or leave the organization.

3.TCS:- TCS also offers Work Integrated program for its candidates . You will be pursuing the MCA along with the work but the program is not for every candidate, the candidates will be shortlisted by TCS according to the seats available.

The salary pattern for the all three is almost same , In wipro you will get less salary as they are considering it as a Scholarship program

2.As a B.E fresher:-

If you’re joining as a BE fresher, there are different programs for the candidates:-

1.WIPRO- It offers Programs like Elite and Turbo , the salary under all the programs will differ very much. The starting salary as of 2021 according to resources is 3 Lacs Per annum.

2. Infosys:- There is not such any program offered by Infosys, the salary may vary candidate to candidate according to the qualification specification.

3. TCS – There is not such any program offered by Infosys, the salary may vary candidate to candidate according to the qualification specification.

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3. As an experienced employee:-

If you’re planning to join one of these and you’re an experienced employee, all three are great in terms of the salary or the work perspective. You can join any of the 3 organizations , where you are offered more salary according to your skills and experience. Generally , TCS provides more salary than Wipro and Infosys but in some cases, the salary may vary.

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How to apply for Job in all three?

If you want to apply for job in any of the three companies, all three have the separate careers portal where you can see the job profiles for which the vacancy is open. You can create an account and apply for the job . Currently the work from home is in operation in all of the three comanies. So you need not worry about the location that you will be getting in these.

Also the choice you need to make should not be made on the basis of the office culture that you will be getting. Anyways you will be working from home for some time more. So you can make the choices solely on the basis of salary that you are getting from these. You can clearly choose the one that pays you more salary.


To apply for job in Wipro, you need to register yourself to Wipro Careers Portal. You need to register yourself into the portal and then you can browse through the job profiles that are open and then you can apply for the profiles if that job profile meet your skills.


To apply for job in TCS , you can checkout TCS Careers Portal and look for the job profiles which are open.


To apply for job in Infosys , you need to check Infosys Careers Portal and find the available jobs on the portal itself.

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