How to start business on your own?

how to start business

Starting a business on your own is none less than rising your child. If you’re able to grow it well, it will take care of you the whole life. Before starting a business , you must be clear with the vision that why should you want to start a business because if you ever feel its not working, you can remember why you started.

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To start a business, you should follow some steps to make sure you won’t get any problem after starting the business. The steps includes:-

  • Study the market and look for an opportunity for starting the business. Opportunity means if you find anything that needs to be changed and you can do that better, start studying on that.
  • Keep track of the money that you have and write on a paper that how you have to use it for your business and spend it accordingly.
  • Keep track of the resources that will be used in your business.

Type of business that you can start:-

You can start two types of businesses:-

  1. Offline Business:- If you want to limit your business in a particular coverage of area or if you’ve started the business that will be solving the issues in a particular area, then you can go with the offline business. Offline business requires more capital to start, that includes:-
  • Rent an office
  • Maintenance cost
  • Cost per chair table

For an offline business, you will be having fixed hours or limited hours in which you can take up orders, which is the biggest advantage of choosing online business over offline business.

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2. Online Business:- Today, in the world of internet, you can take advantage of the technology and use it to make a lot of money. Daily, a lot of offline business are getting shifted to online as the online business is having a lot of advantages over the offline businesses. Some of the advantages are:-

  1. Your business is open 24 X 7. You can take up orders every second.
  2. Your business is visible all over the world and you can limit the countries/areas to which you deliver your product.
  3. Revenues are more as the customers and the area coverage is more.
  4. No office cost factor, you can even work from your home.

How can you show your products to customers?

1.Social Media:-

Today, social media is the biggest platform that is getting used for managing the small as well as big businesses. Social media platforms like facebook, instagram are getting used for the business purposes and the biggest advantage is it is free to use.

You can create a page/account for your business and start posting your products or posts about your products on the social media and start getting orders for your product.

Customers can also post their experience of shopping with you and the review about your product. The good reviews attract more customers.

2. Online Website:-

You can build a website online for your business using tools like wordpress if you don’t have any coding knowledge. You can list your products on website and people can order for your products. You can then give the shipping details on the website itself which will result in better user experience .

Some of the successful online businesses are

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Beardo

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