How to create a website without knowing anything

In Today’s times, everything is available over Internet, every single thing you want to search is available over the internet. So if one wants to earn money , how to create a website should be known. The phrase can be said that ” You can now Learn and Earn over Internet “. Now , people have got smarter and they know that the internet is the future. So they have started moving to Internet very fast.

People are learning on Internet so that they can Earn on Internet. Website is the first step to make to move to Internet. If you want to establish your career or Business online, you have to create your website that everyone can access and you can show your products/ services to them and they can take those services.

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Website is in the form of . To get started with the creation of website , you need to follow some steps so that you can establish your name on the internet by creating a website. To create a website online , you need to follow some steps , then only you can think of creating a website.

Steps to follow to create a website:-

  1. Purchase a domain name having a relevant name.
  2. Purchase hosting plan for your domain.
  3. Develop your website using HTML,CSS Or Install a software like WordPress.
  4. Upload your website files over Hosting using FTP.
  5. Start uploading new content over the website.

Let’s know more about the steps:-

1. Purchase a domain name :-

Domain name is the url by which people will be able to search your website and access your content. For example – we have the domain name – , you can also have your domain name

While purchasing a domain, make sure you are selecting a high level domain like .com , .in , .net , .co because if you’re selecting a low level domain like .ml , .mo etc , the price for the registration will be less but you will not be able to monetize your domain. So if you want to put ads on your website and earn money , you have to choose the high level domains.

You can register your domain name on:-

1. Godaddy:-

GoDaddy is the well known and a good choice for registering for a domain name. In the search section, you can search for the domain and see if the domain you’re looking for is available or not. If the domain is available , you can select and checkout the domain.

If the domain name isn’t available , you can select another recommendations from godaddy or you can search for a new domain. There is no limit of domain names that you can search for. So you can purchase the domain that suits you and available at the same time.

The amount that you have to pay for registration varies according to the time period for which you are selecting, the minimum time that you have to register is 1 year and it will cost around 800 INR for a .com domain for 1 year. If you’re selecting for a longer duration, there will be some discount applicable on the purchase.

2. is the another platform for registering a domain name online. You can search for the domain names in the search sections and select the available domain.

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It is also a good domain name platform where you can search for a domain name and select the plan accordingly The amount that you have to pay for the domain name will be aroound 850 INR for a one year plan . Discounts will be applicable when you are selecting the longer duration plans

2. Purchase Hosting Plan:-

After buying a domain name, the next step that you have to do is buying a hosting plan. Hosting means to buy storage online for storing your website data on the server. The files that are related with your website i.e web pages, images , videos will be stored on the server storage, that you will buy online.

The storage plan can be bought for a minimum of one month and you can start accessing your website online . The price of the hosting varies from 199 INR to 899 INR per month for a shared plan. You can also buy a dedicated server for your hosting but that will cost almost 4-5 times costlier than the normal shared plan.

Most common Hosting Providers are:-

3. Develop your website:-

If you’re done with the above two steps, then you have set your base and now you have to build the things up to be shown to the people and then you can make the things work. You can develop your website according to the type of website that you need to develop. The things can be easier if you’re thinking to build a blog.

If you want to build a website other than a blog and the website over which you want full control then you can build using HTML/CSS. This approach can be used by the people that have some knowledge regarding the languages like HTML/CSS and Javascript.

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Some points about the options that you can use to build your website:-

  • Using WordPress:- If you are thinking to start a blog, the best option that you can select is using wordpress to build your website. In wordpress, you have a lot of theme options , from which you can choose and then customize the theme according to your requirement.

There are a plenty of themes that you can select from. There are some paid themes as well as the free themes from which you can select. The theme can then be customized after you select a theme. Plus there is no coding knowledge required for WordPress.

To start using wordpress , after you’ve purchased the hosting , you can downlaod wordpress over your hosting free and build your website over wordpress.

  • Using HTML/CSS:- If your requirement is other than a blog and you want to create a website for your business , you can start building your website using HTML tags and by using CSS for the additional options. The advantage of building your website using coding is that you can have no limit on the features that you need to use and you can have the exact design that you need.

When you are building your website using coding, you should have the knowledge about the coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. After that you can proceed only. The disadvantage of using coding for building your website using code is that it take so much of time to create the website and you need to take care of the code that you are writing. It is somehow very complex to handle the code by one person, you may need a team to take care of the code.

4. Upload your website:-

If you are developing your website using coding languages like HTML,CSS and you’re having the files and pages on your local computer, you need to upload the pages on the server so that the files are accessible by anyone over the internet. The files need to be uploaded into the sever by FTP software like Filezilla.

Filezilla is a free FTP solution for uploading the files from your local computer to the server. To upload the files , you need to connect to the hosting from Filezilla first. For connecting with the hosting , you need to enter IP address, username and password that you have for your web hosting.

After that you can select the files of your website and upload on the server of your web hosting.

5. Start Uploading new content :-

After you have setup the website by either of the methods mentioned in the step-3, you need to start uploading new content on your website. For your website to be noticed, you need to upload new and unique content so that you can rank high on the search engines and you can grow traffic on your website. This will help in the overall better rank of your website and you can see a good amount of visitors on your website.

The content you are uploading should be unique , if you want to monetize your website through ads from adsense or any other company. On wordpress, you can have everything built in for uploading the new content and managing all the things but if you have built website on your own, you have to figure out the ways to upload new content and showing that content on your website.

After all these things , you can monetize your website with displaying ads on your website using Adsense.

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