Online Data Entry Jobs for Students to Earn Money

Online data entry jobs are the most popular online jobs for students. As it does not require any working experience. Also one needs to have a good typing speed to get the work at the earliest. Online data entry jobs does not require any other skill to master in rather than the typing speed.

Data entry can be a very simple way of earning quick bucks. Businesses today choose to outsource data entry services to third-party service providers or independent specialists because it saves them money and time. This among many other reasons is what makes data entry jobs so ubiquitous around the world. 

One can take it as before school as well as after school according to the time he is having. These jobs don’t require any recent knowledge about such things and doesn’t require any graduation degree to work on.

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As today, most of schools are online and students are attending schools from home. The students are having free time but they are wasting that on social media and doing other stuff. Due to the lockdown restrictions , anyone can’t get out of their houses and have a source of income. Even students want to earn money and pay the school/college fees by themselves so that they can support their parents.

That’s why online data entry jobs for students need to be addressed so that students can also work and earn money for their expenses.

Things that you need to do online data entry jobs for students:-

There are several things that you will need to have before starting the online data entry jobs for students:-

  • A computer/ Laptop
  • A good Internet connection

The above mentioned are the two things that you must have to start earning online through data entry jobs. A computer with a low performing processor and small memory will be okay for this task as you are not using any graphics or high end softwares. This can be done using excel only.

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The working experience that one will be needing for doing data entry jobs may be 0 also as for doing these jobs, you don’t require any prior knowledge of work.

For these jobs , you can work as a freelancer as well as you can have a service contract with a company once they are ready to take you as the employee. This solely depends on the work that you’re delivering is on time or not.

How much money you can earn?

The money that you can earn by working for data entry job starts from 15,000 INR to 50,000 INR per month. The income depends on the company that you’re working for and for how much work you’re delivering. The income may increase if you’re delivering more than expected work in the given time.

Websites that have Online Data Entry Jobs:-

1. Naukri.Com :-

data entry jobs for students

You can see there are currently more than 72,000 active data entry jobs that you can work for and the experience required can even be 0. There are a lot of companies listed on these website for which you can work and earn money. This website shows the jobs for the different companies that you can get. The salary may vary according to your experience in the jobs.

2. Shine.Com:-

online data entry jobs

The active job opportunities you can see is more than 1.4 Lakh. This means you can go through a lot of jobs and can select the one which matches your convenience which includes work timings, salary, bonuses etc.

You can filter out the jobs and then select a job from the fitered ones . Then you can apply for the job and people can hire you.

3. LinkedIn:-

online data entry jobs for students to earn money

On Linked In , you can upload your data on your profile and the companies listed on LinkedIn can view your profile details and can contact you if they like your data. People can contact you on Linked In via chat or email.

What task you need to perform in Data Entry Jobs:-

The data entry jobs deals in handling the electronic data. Most of the times, you are given the hard copies of the data and you have to update the database with the data. The data can be anything related to sales, employee records, employee joining data, handling the employee databases etc.

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There are a number of occupations in the data entry industry including typist, coder , transcriber or word processor. There are a number of strategies on which you can be paid by project, keystrokes per minute , keystrokes per hour, keystrokes per word or receive an hourly wage.

Typically, if your typing speed is fast , you can earn more money in data entry.

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