How to earn from Amazon Affiliate Program? Things to know

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. This article contains how to earn from amazon affiliate program. You will also get to know what is amazon affiliate and how amazon affiliate works. Get through the information given below.

Before knowing about amazon affiliate program , you should know what is affiliate marketing first , only then it will be easy to get to know what is amazon affiliate program. These are the basic things that a user should know in order to get the money from the website / blog if there is enough traffic on the blog. So lets know about Affiliate marketing first.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process by which you can earn money by promoting other people’s business and making a sale of their product. The money that will be paid to you can be considered as a commission for making a sale. As for every product that has been sold by you , the commission will definitely be paid to you .

This can be done by putting out the product’s link on your website / blog so that the people visiting your blog can see the product and can buy the product after visiting the product page from your website. The unique link will be put onto your website , so that when a customer buys the product from that link , the business can know that from where that customer got to know about the product and commission can be paid to the right person.

Today, many people having blogs are earning a very good amount of money from affiliate programs. In most of the cases , the products related to the category of website / blog are put , so that there are more chances of people finding it of their use and buying of the product from your link.

What is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon Affiliate is an affiliate program provided by Amazon to the website / blog owners on the internet. One needs to apply for Amazon affiliate program to start putting links on the website. Amazon affiliate program is a very good method of earning money for those who are having the marketing skills.

You can start writing articles for the products that you select to sell and convince people to buy the products. This can be the easy money as people need to buy the things and you will get money from Amazon for the every order that is made from your link. To enroll into the amazon affiliate program, you need to check the below link and can apply for the affiliate program.

The thing is you can use your amazon account to enroll into the affiliate program. Amazon is the well known platform and there are lots of products listed on amazon , from which you can choose the product of category. This is the advantage that being the largest e-commerce platform , there is no limit on the products that you can check and select from.

How to earn from Amazon Affiliate Program?

To earn from Amazon Affiliate program, product links needs to be placed on the website so that the visitors on the website can see the products listed and can buy the product after checking the product details by clicking on the link provided on your website and then can buy the product from the same link.

The thing needs to be clear that the money will be paid to you if the product has been sold from your link. If the customer closes your link and buys the product later from some other link, you will not be paid any money . The other thing is that there is no payment for impressions i.e the money will not be paid for the showing of the product to the visitors.

No money will be paid if the visitors are clicking on the product’s link but are not buying anything . This criteria is called pay per click, i.e no money will be paid to you for the clicks or impressions for the product on your website. Amazon clearly says you will be paid only if you are selling the product not only promoting the product.

Amazon pays commission amount of upto 10% of the product price that a visitor is paying. This is one of the highest percentage that is paid to the affilate by the companies having affiliate programs. There are other affiliate companies in the market which pays only upto 5% of the product price.

How can you sell the products?

To sell the products as an Amazon affiliate , you should always pick the products according to the category of your website/blog. For example – If your blog is based on cars , i.e you write on the new and old cars , then you can pick the car accessory products to be listed on your website . So that people can relate to the product and if they need the product , they can buy from your link.

If your website has less traffic, the chances of people buying will be very less, so always ensure you are providing the quality content so that there can be more visitors on your website and the chances of buying products by visitors can be increased.

How to place links on your website?

There is no issue of placing the links on your website as this is an easy task that can be done. Once you are enrolled for the affiliate program , you can login to the account and can find the link building tools on the amazon affiliate link and then you can start placing the code on your website using those. The steps are mentioned on the amazon affiliate portal.

You can start following the steps and start placing links on your website and can start making money from your website. Amazon Affiliate is the method other than Google Adsense that you can use to earn money from your website. You can use both Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate to make money from your website at a time so that the revenue from the website can be maximised.

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