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Bluehost Affiliate program is considered as one of the highest paying affiliate program. It pays $65 for every successful hosting purchase. You can place link on your blog where people can see and purchase the hosting plans. You will get commission when someone buys the plan after clicking on your affiliate link within a specified time period. This article contains bluehost affiliate commission rate and bluehost affiliate program review.

Bluehost Affiliate program
Bluehost Affiliate Program

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process by which you can earn money by promoting other people’s business and making a sale of their product. The money that will be paid to you can be considered as a commission for making a sale. As for every product that you sell , the company will pay commission to you.

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This can be done by putting out the product’s link on your website / blog so that the people visiting your blog can see the product and can buy the product after visiting the product page from your website. The unique link will be put onto your website , so that when a customer buys the product from that link , the business can know that from where that customer got to know about the product and it can pay commission to the right person.

Today, many people having blogs are earning a very good amount of money from affiliate programs. In most of the cases , the products related to the category of website / blog are put , so that there are more chances of people finding it of their use and buying of the product from your link.

The products can be anything such as wearables , clothing , hosting services or any other service. There is no as such limitation on the category of products to get a commission.

What is Bluehost Affiliate?

Bluehost Affiliate is an affiliate program provided by Bluehost to the website / blog owners / Youtubers on the internet. One needs to apply for Bluehost affiliate program to start putting links on the website. Bluehost affiliate program is a very good method of earning money for those who are having the marketing skills.

You can start writing articles for the products that you select to sell and convince people to buy the products. This can be the easy money as people need to buy the things and you will get money from Bluehost for the every order that your link makes. To enroll into the bluehost affiliate program, you need to check the below link and can apply for the affiliate program.

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Bluehost is a web services provider which provides domain names, web hosting plans to a consumer. The web hosting is mostly the long term buying , that is the reason it pays a very good commission of $65. You will get commission for every sale that you make from your unique link.

Many of the youtubers make a lot of money by Bluehost Affiliate program. While people write dedicated blogs on the best hosting provider so that they can make sales and earn commissions for selling the plans.

How to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Marketing?

There are many ways to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Marketing. Some of the ways are given below:-

  1. Website
  2. Social Media
  3. Seminars
  4. Youtube Videos

Charges for joining the Bluehost Affiliate program:-

There are no charges for joining the Bluehost Affiliate Program as it is free for everyone. You can start making money for free on the internet. You just need to sign up for the affiliate program and get your unique link. After getting the link , you can place banners and links on your website to redirect to the bluehost website.

The hosting plans at Bluehost starts at $2.95 per month for customers i.e the costs are low but the commissions are high for the provider. The highlight of Bluehost is it is free to join and you will get $65 for each visitor that take hosting plans from Bluehost.

Bluehost Affiliate Minimum Payout :-

Most of the bloggers choose Bluehost as the affiliate program to get a very good Passive Income. But it requires at least $100 as minimum payout to get the amount. You can transfer the available amount in your bank account and that also very easily.

One can achieve the minimum payout value by making just 2 sales. The two sales will credit $130 in the balance and then you can transfer the amount into your bank.

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In Bluehost, you can get the payment for a sale that you make between 45 days of the first click done. That is the cookie duration is 45 days of the click.

It has been rated #1 in the segment of Highest Paying Affiliate Program for a reason. There are many affiliate programs on the Internet but the flat commission paying are very less. Most of the affiliates pay the fraction of the sale price. The fraction can vary from 10% upto more than 100%.

Earning Limit for the commissions:-

There is no earning limit for the commissions. You can earn unlimited money as the commissions from the users. The more you refer , the more you earn. The most of the affiliate programs have an earning limit per month which means you cannot earn more than that fixed money.

But here in Bluehost there is no as such limit on the commissions that you can earn. An average affiliate marketer earns in between $200-$300 per month from Bluehost Affiliate Program.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review:-

As after collecting data from the affiliate program users, we have found that the most of the users are happy with the program. As the users are earning a great money every month from the affiliate program, the most of the reviews are positive. The highlight is the high commission the company pays of $65 per referral.

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The users with sites which gets a lot of traffic are earning a very good amount of money. The tech websites are somehow related to the hosting and the chances of selling of hosting plans is very high.

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