5 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs to earn 200% Commission

There are lot of affiliate programs on the internet but below are 5 Highest paying affiliate programs given. The list includes upto 200% commission that one can earn by referring. A beginner can consider the affiliate programs for the better commission from the sales. The list includes the top paying affiliate programs on the internet.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Today there are lot of websites that are monetized using the Affiliate Programs. People sign up on the affiliate program and start selling the products by listing those on the website. The products can be anything like grocery items , appliances , gadgets , online courses , hosting plans and many more.

One can consider this as a secondary source of income as the primary source can be an advertising program like Adsense or sponsored posts for the website. Most of the people know about the monetizing of website from advertising platforms like Adsense but very few of them knows about the affiliate platforms to earn a very good amount of money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money by selling products of e-retail stores by placing the link of the product on your website / blog and commission for making the sale will be paid to you by the e-retail store. These programs are provided by many providers like flipkart , amazon , ebay , godaddy etc.

The provider can be any business which is available online and provides the services to the users. The category of the providers can be anything like e-commerce store , hosting provider , fashion store etc. The percentage of commission may vary for each provider as Amazon providers upto 10% affiliate commission on the products you sell.

There are many types of affiliate programs which include paid and free affiliate programs. Paid Affiliate programs charge a one time membership charge and then one can continue using the benefits. There are obviously less benefits of using a free affiliate program than a paid one.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:-

The list of 5 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs to earn 200% Commission is given below:-

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Elementor
  4. Shopify
  5. BigCommerce

1. BlueHost :-

Bluehost is a leader in providing the domains and hosting services to start a website. It is a well known service provider in low prices. There are some hosting plans that provide free domain for 1 year. It also provides SSL for the websites that prevent from the hacker attacks.

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You can also install wordpress on the hosting plan and then it can run on the domain. The wordpress is most used tool for the blogs. It helps in the easy maintaining of a blog.

Bluehost affiliate

The highlight of Bluehost is it is free to join and you will get $65 for each visitor that take hosting plans from Bluehost. The plans at Bluehost starts at $2.95 per month i.e the costs are low but the commissions are high for the provider.

Most of the bloggers choose Bluehost as the affiliate program to get a very good Passive Income. It requires at least $100 as minimum payout to get the amount. You can transfer the available amount in your bank account and that also very easily.

In Bluehost, you can get the payment for a sale made between 45 days of the first click done. That is the cookie duration is 45 days of the click.

It has been rated #1 in the segment of Highest Paying Affiliate Program for a reason. Click here to redirect to the Bluehost Affiliate Program Details.

2. Hostinger :-

Hostinger is also knownfor providing the domains and hosting services to start a website. It is a well known service provider in low rates. There are some hosting plans that provide free domain for 1 year. It also provides SSL for the websites that prevent from the hacker attacks.

Hostinger affiliate

You will earn at least 60% commission of the sale that your website make. The commission percentage is very good as we compare with other affiliate programs. There is minimum payout restriction of $100. You can transfer the available amount in your bank account as soon as you get it. The transfer into the bank account needs to make through Paypal .

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The hosting plans at Hostinger starts from $79 per month for the Shared Hosting and that doesn’t include the free domain. It provides free domain with the Premium plans which have high per month rates also.

The maximum commission that you can earn per order is $300. That too will credit into the account when the payment made is $500. There are not much customers that pays this high amount in one go but still you can earn commissions on the every purchase made.

Hostinger falls to the #2 as an affiliate program as it does not have any flat commission as Bluehost.

3. Elementor:-

Elementor is a wordpress plugin that helps you to create pages using drag and drop feature. It helps in customizing the wordpress themes or creating a new web page on your own. This does not require any prior coding knowledge. This plugin is for those who want to create a good looking website without coding.

Elementor affiliate

The elementor has a visual editor in which you can control every part of your website. This is a very good advantage that Elementor provides to the website creators.

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The plugin has over 5,000,000 active installations on WordPress and over 3,000 Five star Ratings. Elementor is a paid plugin on wordpress as it charges a yearly fees. There are 5 packages available, ranging from $49 to $999 per year.

Elementor provides a 50% affiliate commission for every installation that your website makes. You can write articles , post banners , send emails to make a sale and Elementor will pay you a commission for every sale.

4. Shopify :-

Shopify is the #1 e-commerce affiliate programs as it offers a range of products on which you can get commissions. There are over 17,00,000 businesses on Shopify. You can select the products that you need to list on your website from a range of products.

Shopify affiliate

To enroll into Shopify Affiliate program , you need to first apply and then Shopify will review your application. Shopify can reject your application without providing any explanation. There are some criterias on which it filters the applications.

The criterias are given below:-

  • You should own and run an active website
  • Must have an established audience
  • You must create original content, such as online courses, blog posts, videos, or guides
  • You have experience with commerce, entrepreneurship, Shopify, or other ecommerce platforms

Shopify provides 200% affiliate commission for each successful merchant you refer to Shopify. This means that you earn 2x the monthly plan price selected by the merchant that you refer , after the merchant has been active for 2 months.

5. BigCommerce :-

BigCommerce is a platform which provides its e-commerce application to the clients for managing the sale of products. The clients can list the products on the Big commerce and then use the services like payments , cart service and everything. In short , it provides SAAS service to the clients.

BigCommerce affiliate

Clients can easily start selling their products and earn profit without having the stress of creating their own e-commerce application. Big commerce have a lot of Big clients that uses the application for its sale of Products.

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For referrals, you can refer visitors to BigCommerce and earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or $1,500 per enterprise customer. BigCommerce is paying great commissions to the referrers. If one is able to make some sales per month say 10, that can have a great earning month.

You can also get trial for the first month on BigCommerce and then the payments can get start.

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